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Vector matching and subsequent development

Updated: May 29, 2022

In September,The moment when all the vectors matchIn September, I introduced you to an example of vector alignment for an organization.

A manufacturing department manufactures a particular product of a specific manufacturing company.

The quality was poor, and the customers kept getting angry.

At that rate, I was about to lose the trust of the client company.

On the contrary, all the parties were losing confidence.

At the Toyota Production System, "vector alignment by vision and mission = sharing what it should be" is essential.

I have ignited the problem awareness that was asleep in the hearts of all the participants I have already mentioned.

I was convinced in that session.

Even if it's a little tricky, everyone can overcome it.

It was the moment when I could feel the power rising.

But with any medicine, the effect doesn't last long.

So after that, there were various things.

Some of the people who participated in that session started to run out of medicine.

Such a change is a matter of course.

I'm sure you all have some experience, but I think everyone has the experience of sympathizing with a beautiful idea, either alone or in a group and thinking, "OK! Let's do it."

Most people will have a similar inspirational experience after graduating from school.

It didn't last long, so you are now. 😉

If you forget that impression, you can't do anything about it as an individual.

(If that impression is only a temporary excitement, the story is different.)

But this is an organizational story.

If the leaders who guide the organization do not forget this principle, they can correct the trajectory.

"Did you forget that vow?"

"But it's no good if everyone stays like this, and it's exciting."

That is right. An abstract feeling that "I have to do something" was born in my brain in everyone's feelings.

But that was all.

If you forget this and feel relieved, nothing will change. It is a typical story.

The members who got excited at that time weren't thinking about this. Of course.

"Revising the standard."

"Everyone protects the revised standard."

By when do you do it

If anyone can think so much in the session, the organization is already well done.

Who will do it

(Other people do it, not yourself)

Have you heard of cowboys?

How can one or just a few cowboys control a herd of cows from the thousandth grade?

Cows can feel at ease when they are in a group.

There seems to be no particular desire to go anywhere to move somewhere.

I don't want to run away without permission; I'm just thinking about where I can feel at ease.

I'm not looking at it in the same line as cows, but it would be great if some people thought, "it's not good as it is!" Think, "let's comply with the standard from tomorrow". (On the contrary, I feel something a little unpleasant)

So we need someone who can show us exactly what to do.

All you have to do is find the leading leader of the cow and tell the cow where to go. Most cows follow the leader.

Cowboys only need to get the cows out of the line back in line with the dog's help.

Cowboys are not cow leaders,

(Actually, I'm not the leader of this organization either)

Despite the twists and turns, the leader of this organization was angry that it was his role.

It wasn't a smooth sail, but I was able to understand it anyway.

He didn't use "follow me", but he did his best to convey his passion.

Everyone has ears to ask "what to do", so the discussion started to mesh well.

Still, everyone is not accustomed to everyday work.

Most people thought it was their job to check for mistakes in their work.

No one can get in even if they are asked to check the same thing repeatedly.

An easy-to-understand standard document that incorporates workers' opinions has been completed in the last six months.

I tried using it.

When I tried it, I saw an unexpected problem, but I will do all the kaizen before the production.

This time is the first KAIZEN for the standard book, but their essential task in the future is to revise the standard book continuously.

Rewriting standards will be their primary task, incorporating positive productivity efforts.

It's still far from perfect, but it's time to go.

Discover the problem, find out the cause, and kaizen it.

Continue to move kaizen towards perfection.

(Toyota Way: Not only continuous Kaizen = manufacturing, but everyone participates.)

They are the manufacturing department.

The manufacturing department has begun to learn the authentic way of working = the royal road.

Even if the quality problems of the outsourced manufacturer are kaizen, it is only necessary to make the outsourced manufacturer understand the path that the manufacturing department has taken this time and create a world without quality problems in the same way.

The quality assurance department is also looking at best practices up close, so we need to expand them horizontally.

In this way, when strong manufacturing sits down, the organizational strength of the company will improve.

I don't think anyone who has read this far has such an idea, but just in case, "My work cannot be standardized!"

Indeed, there will be jobs like that. But are there any mistakes or waste in your work?

Kaizen is fun!

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