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The moment when all the vectors match

Updated: May 29, 2022

I also participated in the Coaching Festa held on August 29th (Sun).

Again, many certified coaches gathered, and I enjoyed a remarkable space.

In it, I introduced an example of the vector alignment of an organization.

A manufacturing department that manufactures a specific product of a particular manufacturing company.

The quality is poor, and customers keep getting angry.

The director wants to change this situation somehow.

"Let's work together to improve quality!"

Even if I declare it, I push my arms to the goodwill and nail it to the bran.

When this workplace asked me a question, I remembered a passage in Dr Tomabechi's book.

"Goals contained in the corporate space."

I didn't understand a little when I read this wording,

I didn't know, so I was stuck in my head.

I also mentioned that "managers must show their employees the goals of the company", but this does not mean that "managers create goals", but "the goals contained in the corporate space are properly grasped." I will express it in an easy-to-understand manner and show it to you. " Of course, as mentioned above, the members may change the goal or create a new destination.

"Corporate Coaching (below)" (written by Hideto Tomabechi)

Do you know the QC affinity method?

I asked the people involved and proposed a two-hour session.

What each person involved feels daily,

It doesn't matter if you're happy or in trouble

I had them write it down on a sticky note in advance.

In the session, while explaining what each person wrote on the sticky note,

I put it on imitation paper.

There is always a key man in such cases.

At this time, there was a young leader in the field.

"My seniors have educated me to look at my back."

"I have been taught that each person's sense and delicate attention are important for maintaining quality."

"I'm having trouble with young people these days because I can't understand the same thing."

The core of the quality problem was in this statement.

This word ignited the awareness of the problem sleeping in the hearts of all the participants.

Later, there was an idea to fold it up.

It was an instant event for two hours.

These remarks were at the heart of quality issues.

Everyone, "Let's work together to improve quality!"

No-one turned his back on the director's call.

Smiles and eyes were shining on each person's face.

Indeed, "the goal contained in the corporate space."

It was a moment when we could all dig up and share.

Even if it's a little tricky from now on, everyone can overcome it.

It was the moment when I could feel the power rising.

Kaizen is fun!

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