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(continued) Links Lab. was published in the November issue of Company Tank.

My work was evaluated as “human resource development itself”.

Links Lab. is featured in the November issue of Company Tank magazine.

Guest interviewer Miho Yabe accurately grasped the points of what I was doing in a limited amount of time and evaluated it.

He understood what was necessary for a company as both himself and a manager.


In work, people and processes (procedures) are essential.

That power will be the driving force that produces good quality.

This time, I introduced a case study that I was working on around July when I received this interview, and it was effective.

Company Tank magazine summarised it well, but I encourage you to read my blog post about this activity.

In this case, the leader took it seriously.

To improve quality, they refined the work standard and continued to communicate tenaciously.

We thoroughly explained and discussed the problematic points in the work standards, revising them in an easy-to-understand manner until each member understood.

A standard work system has been established.

Before I knew it, it had turned into a beautiful teamwork organisation.

Both the leader and the members were able to grow significantly.

I have posted many other kaizen examples on my blog.

From the manufacturing site to product development, from the physical to the information space, and including coaching, we are helping individuals to KaizenYourFuture.

After all, the keywords visualise the current situation and clarify the ideal state.

COMPANY TANK 2022年11月号(国際情報マネジメント有限会社 発行

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