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I will teach you the secret of building a relationship of trust through communication.

Please refer to this article as well.

Toddlers understand a lot from a very early stage.

For example, the distinction between dogs and cats.

Using words, what you are thinking in your brain will come out, so "dog" and "kitty."

Toddlers will answer that they remember the image of the bark.

For example, if you were asked to "state the difference between a dog and a cat," how would you respond?

To say is to answer in words.

I tried spinning it around in my head for a while, but I can't explain it in words.

If you asked in front of a dog and a cat, "Is this a dog or a cat?", You can answer confidently.

We use the knowledge we have gained empirically to find the answer in our knowledge through collating that knowledge with the words "dog" and "cat."

Understanding things in this way is possible because humans have gestalt abilities.

Gestalt is the integration of disparate information to create new values ​​and concepts.

Unfortunately, even if you look at a dog that has become three-legged due to a traffic accident, you can tell that it is a dog.

Again, we use the knowledge we have gained empirically to match that knowledge with the word "dog", but instead of deciding that "dogs have four legs", we match them with other information. It is the answer that came out as a result of doing.

In psychology, the word heuristic expresses this kind of recognition method.

It is no exaggeration to say that everything that humans do originally is heuristic.

This way of understanding is possible because of Gestalt's ability to integrate disparate information.

A marketing method uses psychology to set up comfortable words by taking advantage of our heuristic understanding of our way of thinking.

  1. Set a short sale period and make people think, "If you don't buy now, you'll lose."

  2. I dare to set the price higher to give the impression that it is a high-quality product.

  3. Use messages such as influencers on SNS to improve the product's image.

  4. Make product labels and other words and designs that give a good impression.

I don't believe in marketing words, so I usually avoid it, but when I insist on high quality in pricing, as in 2 above, I'm addicted to the pot that the other person thinks. It looks like it will end.


It's a little different, but how do you share your organization's challenges with your members and the challenges you need to reach your goals?

A method of communication that appeals unconsciously to the other party

I want to think about it together.

Let's take the Machine Tool Manufacturing Section of Manufacturing as an example and think together.

(Of course, it is a fictitious organization.)

From the issues of the entire company and the issues of the manufacturing department, firmly confirm the connection with the machine tool manufacturing section, and decide what to do from your role.

For example, the new products of the Machine Tool Manufacturing Division, which the entire company is expecting, are scheduled to be launched in July in the middle of the first half of the year.

This product is expected to influence the entire company's profitability, and they cannot mistake the launch of a new product.

In the profit plan formulated from February to March, the initial flow period is included in the initial flow period of 2 weeks, and then the occupancy rate is 98%.

Even when they formulated this plan, the boss and the manufacturing section manager had many meetings.

As a result, we have formulated a plan that reflects that " they will never repeat the trouble at the start of the current product ".


Cast (pseudonym): the manager of the Machine tool manufacturing section: Akai, assembly section manager: Nagai

At the previous start-up, the work training on the assembly line was insufficient, and the initial troubles continued for about a month.

The machine tool manufacturing section of this term should analyze the cause of the trouble and prevent the problem from recurring.

Akai said that the work training was insufficient because the assembly section continued to have a high load until just before. Still, they didn't correctly formulate the personnel plan when switching. He was watching.

Today, we plan to hold an issue review meeting with Mr Nagai in the year's first half.

Chief Akai arrived at the meeting room of the process office 5 minutes early and sat down and waited.

I don't intend to put pressure on the long chief, but I thought it would be better to wait earlier than the other person to get the pace.

Chief Nagai came in five minutes late and said, "Sorry, section chief, I was late due to some trouble in the process."

"I don't mind; sit down." "What happened in Group B again?"

"Chief, why do you know?"

"Yeah, it was the same two years ago. But, then, the work training of Group B was not good."

"Chief, that's right, it wasn't a problem; I talked to the group leader; I was late."

You may have understood the person who has a good intuition by now.

Mr Akai instantly grasped the feelings of the long chief.

Mr Nagai also knew the purpose of this meeting, so it seems that he was late talking with the group leader of Group B before the meeting started.

Why did he talk to the leader of Group B just before, and the long chief remembered the failure of the previous start.

When he saw the face of the leader of Group B, which he met on his way back to the office, Chief Nagai remembered that.

He unknowingly felt that he had to talk about something, even though he would usually pass by.

When he noticed, the time had already passed, and when he rushed to the office, Akai was already waiting.

What you've been waiting for doesn't mean much here, but if it's the other way around, would you have been able to respond calmly?

And he told earlier that he was unconsciously worried, saying, "Yeah, it was the same two years ago. The work training of Group B was not good." It's gone.

"It was likely. I wasn't aware of it, but I couldn't pass by without talking to the group leader for some reason. "

Mr Nagai said, "Chief, that's right, it wasn't a problem; I talked with the chief; I was late." ,

The sense of trust in the section chief has increased.

This sense of trust is called rapport (psychological solidarity).

I will explain a little about the method used in this case to cause rapport with the opponent.

It means sharing a sense of reality with the other person by first expressing what they are thinking unconsciously.

The important thing is not to get into the realism of the other person but to drag the other person into the world of your realism.

That means that you can control the unconsciousness of the other person.

To draw the other person into the world of their presence, they should describe the world of their presence.

In this case, Mr Nagai was worried about something (for the past troubles of Group B). He is unconscious, so he is not in his consciousness.

The space that the other person is conscious of cannot be operated because it is conscious. However, you can operate it because it is an unconscious space.

The basic idea is to lower your point of view until the other person's sense of presence and presence are in sync, share that sense of presence, and write in the space of that shared sense of presence.

This case was pretty advanced. When you try it, it's a good idea to say (describe) the condition of the other person's body.

When the other person comments on the reality you feel, it is no longer a reality.

The other person feels the feel of his ass the moment he is told, "I feel the feel of the chair," when I'm sitting in the chair, so it's reality.

However, sitting in the comb is no longer a reality because the words were spoken by the speaker intervene in the world.

It is a swaying reality, "R dash". It shakes R. (A technical term for cognitive science)

It is a world that is not uncomfortable for the other party.

All you have to do is say, "There is a computer here, there is a desk, I can hear the sound of the computer fan, and I can hear the sound of the air conditioner."

It is enough.

Then, the other party will no longer be in R. (The other person's heart disappears from the physical space)

You can no longer be in the physical space just by saying your own physical space. Instead, it will be the space described by the other party.

The more unaware the other person is, the more effective it is.

If you are dragged into the real world of the other person, Lapolla, that is, the favour will be born to the person who controls the real world.

The phenomenon that the kidnapper becomes fond of hostages, the so-called Stockholm Syndrome, also occurs because the criminal controls the immersive world, that is, the solid homeostatic space related to survival.

Humans are made that way. It is informational entrainment.

The game is the time to bring the brain to the state. The viewpoint is raised, and the size of the information space is seen from that viewpoint.

From a higher perspective than the other party, you can get a bird's-eye view of the information space more expansive than the other party. That is the game. It depends on whether you can do it or not.

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