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While I was sleeping, I woke up to solve the problem.

Updated: May 29, 2022

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my own method in addition to the coaching theory such as the method of unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


It seems that the creative effects, such as Poincaré's inspiration when riding a horse-drawn carriage, are also unknowingly performed.

It happens even when nothing is unexpected, and you are thinking about something else altogether.

Statistical learning always works behind the scenes, even during sleep.

Some scientists have experimentally confirmed that statistical learning is behind the scenes.

Ulrich Wagner, Jan Born and colleagues examined a phenomenon that scientists sometimes report that they suddenly got an inspiration when they woke up from a deep sleep.

They did some unusual math tests such as:

According to the rules, subjects were instructed to transform the sequence of 7-digit numbers into another sequence in their head.

A series of calculations were required to solve the problem, but the problem was that only the last digit had to be answered.

The subject was not informed, but there was a shortcut to solving the problem. Specifically, the sequence after the conversion had the symmetry that the last three digits are the reverse of the previous three digits.

The number of the last digit is always the same as the number of the second digit.

So, as long as you notice this shortcut, you will get an answer when you know the number in the second digit to save a lot of calculation time.

In the first test, most subjects were unaware of this hidden rule.

However, the odds of someone noticing a good night's sleep have doubled.

Many subjects woke up while sleeping on this solution.

Experiments have shown that time is irrelevant. Instead, it was sleep that was important.

Sleep organizes existing knowledge into a more compact form.

From animal studies, hippocampal and cortical neurons are active during sleep.

The firing of neurons at that time is an image of "regenerating in fast-forward mode", the same pathway as the activity that occurred during the awakening period before sleep.

For example, when a rat sleeps after running around a maze, the neurons that encode the location are reactivated. In the brain in the same pattern. Exactly enough to decipher where the individual is running in the mind. Increase.

Moreover, it is activated much faster and sometimes in reverse order.

Perhaps this kind of time-dimensional compression treats a sequence of numbers as a nearly simultaneous spatial pattern, allowing the detection of hidden regularity by classical learning mechanisms.

Unconscious activities that promote memory enhancement

and inspiration during sleep

It became clear that it was being done.

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