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Ryo Ishikawa can play an active role overseas if he has homeostasis.

Yesterday (2022/11/13), Ryo Ishikawa won the Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Taiheiyo Masters (Taiheiyo Club Gotemba Course (Shizuoka) ◇ 7262 yards (par 70) for the first time in three years.

Winning the playoff with Hoshino-Kun brilliantly, 18 wins in total. It was a tremendous victory that showed the determination of a professional, even to Semikawa, an amateur who was catching up.

I named you a golf professional because Ryo is a professional golfer I have known for a long time.

When he turned pro from amateur, he came to practice with his father at the Gotemba Course on weekends.

The caddy was nervous when I played with my companion golfer on the Gotemba course.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Ryo-kun is coming today!" she replied happily.

It happened several times.

Caddy's reaction is honest.

I went to watch the Taiheiyo Club Masters one year.

The fore caddy was a familiar person, so when I greeted him with his face,

I put the back of his right hand to his left palate and whispered, "I don't want Carbowie to win!"

I'll keep her name private, but those who know will know.

Because the people around me were in such a situation,

I had a sense of closeness to Ryo, and I have followed his success ever since.

From here, "Swing remodeling in the middle of the road whereabouts of Ryo Ishikawa's anguish (Golf Digest Online (GDO)) - Yahoo! News".

"I really don't want to say too much, but..."

Two and a half years ago. In February 2020, after the qualifying rounds of the US tour "Honda Classic" in Florida, Ryo Ishikawa lost his expression as if he had realized something.

"…My current swing is tough on the PGA Tour.

In the fall of 2017, he returned to the Japan tour after losing his former main battlefield, the US seed.

In 2019, he won three times a year, and the following year, he was given a chance to participate in a recommendation event but failed to qualify for the tournament with a total of 13 overs. Hopes shattered. Ishikawa, who felt weak in shots that could not stand up to the challenging course, especially in the long game, said, "He has something to think about," and left the course.

The above is an excerpt from "Swing remodeling in the middle of the road, where Ryo Ishikawa's anguish is (Golf Digest Online (GDO)) - Yahoo! News".

I am concerned about his "mind" if this article is genuine.

As a coach who studied the Tomamamechi method, the image of Ryo suffering from homeostasis comes to mind.

Homeostasis is the body's ability to resist change and maintain a constant state. Also called "homeostatic function".

Homeostasis refers to unconscious actions such as sweating in hot weather, but it works not only on the body but also on the mind.

If you know this and can convey the work of homeostasis in a good direction, it will be a great ally, but in the case of the mind, it may work negatively.

Let me explain with my golf.

Homeostasis often comes into play when you start well, and if you get one more par on the 9th hole, you can finish in the 30s like you used to.

After 15 years of fainting golf, my unconsciousness decided that my fainting state was expected, and homeostasis worked, saying, "There's no way I could give such a good score."

Even in the next nine holes, the par continued in the first half.

It can be cured by imprinting yourself unconsciously to give a good score through affirmation.

Ryo's golf swing is technically almost finished; yesterday's win proved that.

Also, to be active overseas, the key is to have homeostasis.

I hope he can find an excellent coach.

I support them behind the scenes.

It is the secret of Tagger Woods's strength.

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