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The limits of the leader's imagination create the limits of the organization.

The goal of an organization is not something that someone decides, but rather, it is the organization itself, or it is "included in the organizational space."

It is in the thoughts of each member and between members.

I also said that "management must show employees the goals of the company," but this does not mean that "management creates goals," but rather that "the management grasps the goals contained in the corporate space." I will express it in an easy-to-understand manner and show it to you." Of course, as I have said so far, members can change their goals or create new goals.

"Corporate Coaching (Part 2)" by Hideto Tomabechi

The organization's leader should show the members the goals they should aim for.

However, this does not mean that "leaders create goals,"

It means that we must adequately grasp the goals "contained in the organizational space," express them in an easy-to-understand manner, and show them to the members."

As a method, members can change the goal or create a new goal.

Many members can visualize goals well,

When communication is exchanged so that they can be shared,

An overwhelmingly powerful organization.

But don't forget

"The limits of the leader's imagination create the limits of the organization."

The most important thing is developing human resources that do not limit their imagination.


A manufacturing department that makes a particular product of a specific manufacturing company.

Poor quality and customer complaints.

The director wants to change this situation somehow.

"Let's work together to improve quality!"

Even if he declares that he pushes his arm against the goodwill and the nail on the rice bran.

After being consulted, I

Intuitively, I decided to bring out the "goal contained in the corporate space.

But before that, there's something to do.

"The limits of the leader's imagination create the limits of the organization."

I talked to the director and found out what he thinks.

After working hard to reach the department manager position, he thought he could make things easier from now on.

I understand how the director feels, but he has members waiting for his vision.

"If you just relax there, no one will follow you."

"If you leave everything to the worksite, the quality will remain.

Do you know the affinity method of QC?

I got the people involved together and proposed a two-hour session.

First of all, at the beginning of the session, the director spoke quietly so that each member could convey his passion.

And what each person concerned feels daily,

It doesn't matter if it's happy or troubled,

I wrote on sticky notes in advance and had them explain what they had brought.

In the session, while explaining what each person wrote on the sticky note,

I pasted it on the pattern paper.

A young field leader was a crucial person in this session.

"From my seniors, I have received education like 'Look at my back'."

"I've been taught that each person's taste and attention to detail are important to maintaining quality."

"I'm having trouble understanding young people these days, even if I say the same thing."

This remark ignited the minds of each member.

Opinions came out one after another, like folding.

It happened in a blink of an eye in two hours.

It is what happens when the vectors are aligned.

Everyone, "Let's work together to improve quality!"

There are no people who turn their backs on the director's call.

Each one had a smile and a sparkle in their eye.

"Don't stay like this."

"What can I do?"

"We can do anything if we all work together!"

Exactly, "the goal contained in the corporate space."

It was a moment when we all dug up and shared.

For those who are not present at this place, the sense of presence may not be conveyed,

Everyone's collective effectiveness (the organization's self-assessment of their ability to achieve their goals) was at its peak.

Everyone had a strong will to achieve their goals.

It is the state where we gather as an organization, and the vector is aligned.

The leader himself escaped the scotoma and pushed through the limits of the imagination.

The session conveyed that feeling to everyone, and everyone's imagination was shared.

In Tomamabechi style coaching, we called it "next-generation coaching" and have changed course to spread coaching to individuals and all organizations in Japan.

"Next generation coaching" is a hybrid of Kaizen and Coaching.

Kaizen + Coaching = KaizenYourFuture.

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