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When you feel suspicion about achieving the goal.

Updated: May 29, 2022

The Scotoma that covered your brain at the time disappears.

There are various kicks, but the words that come up when you want to break through the current situation, moult, or jump out into the world outside the current situation are gone.

"I said so."

"Do I have to do that?"

"I'm different; I can't do such an adventure."

Are these words constantly occupying your brain?

The same is true for Kaizen.

Since frogs are the Kaizen of the current situation, we cannot move forward if we affirm the current situation.

I don't hate the company I used to work. On the contrary, I learned a lot of knowledge.

That's because I started denying my current situation at that time.

My vision at the time was "I will do my best to encourage the Japanese manufacturing industry."

It's still the same. There is still more work to be done.

It was in 2000 that I made this vision.

Then RAS opened, and the necessary information jumped into my brain.

When you find what you want to do, RAS opens, and information you weren't aware of before jumps into your brain.

Until then, "Kaizen is something you do at the manufacturing site, right?"

I thought that this idea evaporated from my brain without any affirmation.

After that, I studied KAIZEN in manufacturing and became able to express it with the phrase "Kaizen is to add value."

When you think about "enhancing Japan," you can see that you need to learn more. So I studied them one after another.

These are the feelings of starting studying from scratch, but what I had unconsciously accumulated in my company life before I came up with this vision is rising to my consciousness one after another.

And what exactly is the substance of Japanese manufacturing, not just the company?

As soon as I thought of the question, I received an example of becoming a department leader that promotes Kaizen in different industries.

I still think that this area is a mysterious connection.

It was a moment when I foresaw the achievement of the goal.

"The world is made up of relationships."

I also realized that.

What does the company's policy mean to have been in the same department (TQM Promotion Department) for ten years? I don't know! It was to say.

I wouldn't say I liked it and stayed in the same department for a long time, but the company policy matched well with the world I was pursuing.

For me, I was waiting for this.

Here, I studied KAIZEN in different industries outside the company. After becoming independent, I became familiar with not only the manufacturing site but also the process improvement of product development.

Furthermore, the flow from manufacturing to product development was the application of KAIZEN from the physical space to the information space.

As the history of humanity progresses, many things have evolved.

Physical space is no longer enough, and information space has become a significant part of human history.

I came across cognitive science.

It is the field of research on the cognitive function of the human brain, which is precisely this information space.

It is a cognitive science born from old-fashioned psychology and the exchange of research on the philosophy, brain science and AI.

The more you study cognitive science, the more it overlaps with Kaizen's path.

Suppose waste removal is only for the physical space of manufacturing. Added value and the opposite of what is needed are waste, so that can apply to the information space are the same idea.

It is understandable if you think about it in a higher-level concept.

The word KaizenYourFuture was also born from here.

The future is in the human brain.

The past is gone, so it's a waste of time to be soaked in or spared extra sentiment.

The future is flowing toward us now.

The future is not yet fixed.

You can Kaizen your future from now on.

The future is what you create in your head.

Let's expose and change the future, which is vague but feels like fate.

When that happens, Scotoma disappears, and RAS opens up to see what to do.

This idea is KaizenYourFuture.

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