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"Toyota'Iemoto Organization'Revolution" 2/2 Return to the origin from the customer's point of view.

In yesterday's blog, "Toyota'Iemoto Organization'Revolution", 1/2, an outstanding leader who has acquired the KAIZEN power of TPS awakens the original KAIZEN power to the logistics line that has stretched out in pursuit of quantity. In addition, I sent you a story about improving your constitution.

This time, I would like to see what we have done to draw out the power of development further.

I always insist on the importance of both TPS and TPD (product development) as the source of Toyota's power.

Last time, I talked about how the top executives used the power of TPS to improve their constitution.

This time, we will talk about strengthening our development capabilities.

President Akio reformed significantly by throwing a highly abstract word, "Let's make a better car!" To the people concerned.

Toyota is a company that receives the vision of the top, finds what it should do at a tremendous speed, and has the power to start running in one direction at once.

The vision is quickly communicated to the accountant, where specific actions are discussed, and problem-solving activities begin. The highly abstract words "Let's make a better car!" Are difficult to understand.

However, once the people concerned understand this, they will start to take a break in their respective fields.

For a long time, Toyota had declared that it was a "customer first" company, but it seems that the goal was to make it by pursuing quantity.

Nowadays, "Let's make a better car!" The word is realized as the new products.

However, at that time, I could not understand the meaning of the word "Let's make a better car!".

"Akio had been learning to drive about Toyota's legendary master test driver, Naruse, for about seven years. Naruse had no mercy on Akio." Don't mess with him, "he told Akio, and there was a world of craftsmen who had mastered driving skills. Akio demonstrated his unyielding dislike and motor skills, trained him repeatedly, and refined his driving skills to be recognized by Naruse. And in 2007, he took part in his 24-hour race at the Nürburgring with Naruse with that skill. In the gruelling race of living or dying, Akio was just behind Naruse's car and finally completed the race. Immediately before the goal, Naruse gave a sign saying, "You should go ahead," but Akio said he couldn't see the front because of tears before Naruse. It was a truly moving goal. Naruse died in an accident three years later while driving near the Nürburgring. It was the day before the first general meeting of shareholders when Akio became president. "Toyota" Iemoto Organization "Revolution:" Thoughts, Techniques, and Behaviors of Permanent Companies Learned by the World "by Shuhei Abe

I've heard the story of the Nürburgring 24 Hours in this book and for a long time.

After seven years of rigorous training from the legendary master test driver, Mr Naruse, he completed this race.

And you are the master test driver yourself.

Toyota's product development has a high level of ability to continue developing products that customers accept.

This is because it has a long history starting with Tatsuo Hasegawa, the first Corolla chief.

However, it seems that the most critical point of view has changed because we have started to expand as we proceed with product development.

What shocked Sato and other chief engineers was that after Akio took office as president, he stopped the development of the GS (midsize sedan) at his discretion. Sato says. "Midsize sedans have been successful with three models (LS, GS, IS) in the past. At first, we couldn't understand the decision to discontinue development in the field, but later it was a forward-looking decision. They noticed that the market later shrank. "


"It's up to the customer to decide whether or not to sell, so you should humbly look at the data and listen to the customer's voice. Stop if you can see the market shrinking from their point of view'. The axis of "that's it" is not shaken at all. "The development team told Akio to let me develop this model after pursuing business feasibility. In response, Akio said, "I want you to be convinced by running. That is the key to the survival of the project." The development members worked desperately, and due to pursuing the driving performance, he finally gave the development permission. At the unveiling of the new GS created this way, Akio and Sato are told a harsh word: "Toyota (Lexus) is boring." "Toyota" Iemoto Organization "Revolution:" Thoughts, Techniques, and Behaviors of Permanent Companies Learned by the World "by Shuhei Abe

I want Toyota to regain its original form as the chief engineer.

The chief engineer knows the customer better than anyone else.

It would help if you were watching the changes in customers.

I want you to raise such a chief engineer.

Chief engineer Sato said, "Because technicians have the pride of technicians, before that, everyone was dissatisfied with being able to decide only from a management perspective. However, LFA (Lexus Flagship, 30 million yen level super sports) The engineers should respect the president because he was in charge of the car's development (which is still highly evaluated), and the president was involved in the development at the risk of running the Nürburgring. That's why many people started to move at that time. "

President Akio was working on developing a car called LFA by himself. He spearheaded himself and led the development of the LFA. This area overlaps with the appearance of his grandfather Kiichiro.

With the platform in place by TNGA, we have also succeeded in regaining the original appearance of the chief engineer.

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