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There is a theory that words are essential for consciousness to convey gossip.

Updated: May 29, 2022

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about coaching theory, such as rewriting my unconsciousness.

This series of blog posts are my study notes.


"Consciousness is, strictly speaking, just a network that connects people. There was no need for development other than that. The ancient human beings, the seeds of isolated beasts, would not have needed such things. is." Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science (1882)

The information that we humans are aware of does not remain in the minds of individuals.

Conscious information is transmitted from heart to heart by language.

As humans evolved, social information sharing became one of the essential functions of consciousness.

I think Nietzsche's "seed of the beast" relied on nonverbal buffers and router consciousness for millions of years.

Only humans have developed a high degree of ability to communicate the state of consciousness.

The state of consciousness that arises in an individual can be quickly communicated to others by the power of language and nonverbal gestures.

The social transmission of information by consciousness has brought about new computational power.

Humans can now acquire multiple levels of conflict, different levels of expertise, and diversify sources of knowledge, rather than knowledge that is only available to a single mind.

If you cannot express a piece of information in words, no one will admit that the person is aware of the information.

Humans can express the content of the mind only when they are conscious.

Of course, it does not mean that we can always accurately express our conscious thoughts.

Consciousness recognizes things far beyond what can be expressed in language.

We cannot express our experience when we see paintings of magnificent natural landscapes. Likewise, we cannot change the baby's facial expressions cannot be expressed in words.

That's why I think we are fascinated by these experiences.

By using language, you will share your thoughts with others.

Words and gestures play a role in opening up a slow communication path in the brain. The information exchanged is at a speed of about 40 to 60 bits per second. It's not fast.

Therefore, the human brain compresses it into a short string of condensed symbols and then sends it to a social network.

There is no point in communicating your subjective image of the mind to others as it is.

What they want is not a detailed description of your looking world.

Still, it summarises all aspects of the world

that seem to be accurate, objective and semi-permanent integrated information.

Summarising is the leading role of consciousness.

However, the counterarguments to this are as follows.

  • Language is used to convey trivial information, such as telling the gossip of a Hollywood actress.

  • Nearly two-thirds (the majority) of conversations are about that kind of social topic.

(Next time, I will explain that the experiment denied the above counterargument.)

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