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The world is made up of relationships (luck).

Updated: May 29, 2022

Carlo Rovelli, an Italian physicist famous for his "Wonderful Physics Lecture", said:

"In just a few hours on the Internet, I sometimes come across ridiculous pages decorated with the word" quantum "one after another, making me thoroughly depressed. Quantum medicine, various quantum holistic theories, mysterious quantum spiritualism, etc. It's an on-parade of completely unbelievable quantum nonsense.

To me, attempts to explain complex phenomena that are not yet well understood, such as how the mind works, using quantum mechanics are entirely unconvincing. Quantum mechanics cannot answer these questions directly. I don't think we can use quantum to explain various aspects of our spiritual life, such as subjectivity, perception, intellect, and consciousness. "

"The world is made up of" relationships ", a beautiful but radical quantum theory" (Carlo Rovelli, Hoshi Tominaga)

I've only read a few general books on quantum theory, so I don't know much about it.

I am studying cognitive science coaching, so

From that point of view, let's think about it.

I also agree with this opinion. I can't trust spiritualism itself.

I can hardly understand quantum medicine and holistic quantum theory.

Rovelli is a researcher of "loop quantum gravity".

One of the biggest challenges of modern physics, the unification of Einstein's theory of gravity (= general relativity) and quantum mechanics is the most significant physics theme today.

It took two billion years to create an organism consisting of eukaryotic cells in our brains.

It seems that it has settled down as a neuron and has reached the present.

It has become clear that various structures and processes, including Mendel's research, have continued to reproduce the same things themselves for billions of years.

If DNA analysis had advanced in my high school days and I could learn this kind of thing, the biology class would have been interesting.

It is said that during reproduction, the changes that occur in the process of transcription of information are naturally selected and slowly evolved to the present.

DNA has mainly encoded and transmitted information about heredity when such reproduction occurs.

Everything has evolved to us with inner information.

There is no information from the outside.

This universe is all from your inside and consists of a relationship with your ego. No information from the outside.

The ego is defined as a partial function that separates the universe from oneself.

However, there is a habit of thinking in a binary opposition like your ego and the other's ego in Western philosophy.

Eastern philosophy does not think that way.

The relationship (luck) of things makes up various phenomena.

The relationship is the concept of "Ku".

All phenomena in this world are "existent and nonexistent"

depending on their relationship.

"Yes, no" means that if you start worrying, you won't be able to stop.

It's a difficult concept.

It was Buddha who discovered this "Ku". So it is enlightenment rather than discovery.

The enlightened Buddha cannot order the components of the universe.

However, those who have realized the importance of auspiciousness are alike.

Once you enter the realm of enlightenment, you cannot arrange the components of the universe is an essential order like Buddha.

However, as we grow up, we develop something like personal values ​​and acquire the ego as an evaluation function.

The reality is that we are steadily moving away from the enlightenment of Buddha.

The brain is to see what you know based on what you already know and what has happened before.

Suppose your brain faithfully sees everything you see, like a video camera.

It puts a heavy burden on the neuronal network in the brain.

With the energy supplied by the underdeveloped digestive system compared to the development of the brain,

You can't do it very much.

  1. The brain predicts what is supposed to be visible and creates the image.

  2. That information is sent from the brain to the eyes.

  3. The image the brain foresaw. The image that reaches the eyes. If both are different from the other, a signal arrives from the circuit of the neuron toward the brain.

In other words, only things that are different from what the brain predicts are known to the brain.

Facts are facts about others.

The now state-of-the-art many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics describes what is expected when an outside observer interacts with this world.

However, there is no outside observer in this world.

It's all from your inner.

Western physicists, like Carlo Rovelli,

It seems that they have begun to be aware of

the concepts of "Ku" and "luck".

There is no absolute (a priori) cognitive science coach in the world ⇨ "Ku."

We understand that the world is made up of relationships ("luck").

The coach will kaizen your mind,

We will help you rewrite.

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