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The unconscious is superior to the conscious in many ways. But is the unconscious praise still early

Updated: May 29, 2022

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.

This article is the last about the unconscious.


As we have organised in previous blog posts, experiments with modern science have shown that unconscious action is more capable than the conscious in many ways.

Even today, with improved image recognition technology, human visual systems are constantly solving the problems of shape perception and invariant recognition that are difficult to handle even with powerful computer software.

Whenever we consider a mathematical problem, we mobilise this extraordinary computational power.

This photo is an image

As the world of the movie The Matrix (1999), we are prisoners of a cleverly set up virtual world, and the experience world we are aware of is nothing more than an illusion.

An unconscious process makes every decision we make without consciousness.

At the beginning of the 1900s, Henri Poincaré, in "Science and Hypothesis," describes the unconscious dominance as follows:

"The subconscious self is by no means inferior to the conscious self. It is not entirely automatic, and it is capable of discriminating things, has talent and delicacy, and knows how to foresee and make choices. On the contrary, I can say that the self under scrutiny knows better how to foresee than the conscious self because the former succeeds even if the latter fails. If so, the former than the latter. Isn't it better to say? "

It seems that some cognitive scientists have pointed out that unconscious dominance seems to be overconfidence.

"All the actions of the mind that underlie our judgments and actions work unknowingly.

Awareness is just a bystander, looking at unconscious work, but a backseat driver (who directs driving from the backseat) who can't do anything useful on his own. "

In this blog, the unconscious description is over, and after that,

we will think about consciousness.

Consciousness is a function acquired by evolution, and because it is valid, it is a biological characteristic formed through evolution. Therefore, consciousness occupies a specific niche in cognition and can solve unconsciously intractable problems as a specialized concurrency system.

Poincare is

"Even with sub-consciousness, the mathematician's unconscious gear will not start to rotate unless he makes a major conscious effort to solve the problem in the preparatory stage."

Sculptor Henry Moore points out precisely the same thing in his book, The Sculptor Speaks (1937).

"In the work (of the artist), the illogical, intuitive and subconscious part of the mind plays a unique role, but the consciousness is also active. The artist concentrates his entire personality on the work. And the consciousness resolves contradictions, organizes memory, and suppresses attempts to walk in two directions simultaneously. "

It seems too early to praise the unconscious.

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