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Table of contents of "unconscious" articles (42 in total)

Updated: May 29, 2022

I used "Consciousness and Brain: How Thinking is Coded" (Stanislas Duanne, Hiroshi Takahashi) for this series of blog articles as a textbook.

I will be positioned as Yamada's study journal.

"Unconsciousness" is a prerequisite for learning about "consciousness", but as I continue to study, I am surprised that the performance of "unconsciousness" is high.

If you read this, you will learn the awesomeness of the unconscious as I do.

In addition, from January 2022, we plan to serialize "Consciousness". Please stay tuned.


Consciousness and unconsciousness study book 1, "Global Neuronal Workspace", is the source of consciousness"

Cartesian mind-body dualism" Whether the mind and body are the same.

Problems with "consciousness" have been shelved for a long time.

Conscious access = "Being aware of information that draws attention and communicating it to others.”

When an image gets into your eyes, there are images that you notice and images that you forget.

The subjectivity cannot be swallowed, but it is trusted and analyzed.

Maybe the "Global Neuronal Workspace" is the core of the heart?

Beyond the study of consciousness

Conscious access is a mechanism that raises awareness of unconscious information around you. "

The function of RAS is to sort out information in the brain before conscious access."

Are "consciousness", "wakefulness", "wakefulness", and "metacognition" conscious access?"

Research is underway to confirm the difference between "consciousness" and "unconsciousness" through experiments.

Confirm the difference between "consciousness" and "unconsciousness" by experiment.

A brain is a place of competition for potential information.

Does the "binocular struggle" raise awareness of information regardless of one's will?

The appearance of my brain that can only be aware of one thing

"Inattentional blindness": The boldly appearing gorilla disappears.

My brain doesn't notice even if it is replaced.

Subliminal image: Masking method to compensate for the weakness of "change blindness" experiments

Subliminal image: Specific method of “mask"

Subjective position in conscious/unconscious research?

By digging deep into the unconscious, you can see the consciousness.

There are many criticisms of Freud.

History of the debate "How invisible images are processed in the brain”.

What should not be seen due to blindsight is unconsciously visible.

The unconscious understands the abstract information learned

The visual cortex of the brain is doing large-scale concurrency "to see."

Can the unconscious understand the meaning of a word without consciousness?

We are seeing not factual information but an image of the outside world reconstructed by the brain.

Experimental report and counterargument about the unconscious at the end of the 1990s"

End of unconscious controversy Priming occurs both visually and audibly

Characters are slowly transmitted to the brain and understood without consciousness."

The unconscious understands the language only in the left temporal lobe.

Unconscious attention plays the role of a guard dog without rest.

An unconscious device that monitors the world around you and evaluates its value

When you have a difficult task, stop clinging to your desk and let the solution unknowingly.

If the consciousness doesn't know, but the unconscious knows the loss, your hands may sweat"

It has been shown that humans can unknowingly add by approximation.

While I was sleeping, I woke up to solve the problem."

Even if you can't see it, it's still under control."

The unconscious is superior to the conscious in many ways. But is the unconscious praise still early"

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