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Report / contact / consultation and order / commentary / assistance.

When I was looking on the internet, I came across this explanation. It is an explanation from a consultant.


It is a "commandment to the boss" that "even if the information is unfavourable, a subordinate should feel free to report, contact, and consult with the boss" and "do as much as Ho-Ren-So!" It's not a word to scold your subordinates.

It's a bit rough.

If we talk only about Ho-Ren-So, it will be such a one-sided explanation.

Surprisingly many people do not consider life, solution, and support common sense.

Human resource development means giving issues to subordinates and following them responsibly until they solve the issues.

What is the significance of your boss's existence?

The results of your subordinates will be the results of your boss.

Coaching also means that your boss shouldn't be a subordinate.

As introduced in this blog, the "Toyota's Problem Solving" training is what education is for people to put into practice.

Before this training, students will consult with their supervisor to determine the issues to be resolved throughout the training period.

If there is an issue that the students themselves are always aware of,

The subordinate asked his boss, "I want to solve this. Is that okay?"

While respecting the positive will of subordinates, the boss also respects

"Yeah, then let's look up a little more and try this far."

In addition, the boss will communicate appropriately at the timing of commentary and assistance.

If there is mutual trust, subordinates will report and contact problem-solving progress.

And if you hit a wall, don't hesitate to talk to your boss.

I think the teacher I mentioned earlier has only seen this kind of world.

"Finally, this"

"What happened to that?"

"Can't you do it yet?"

"When can I do it?"

It happens when the boss unilaterally follows his subordinates.

Black companies may be using more vulgar language.

However, even in companies that do not go as far as Black, there are quite a few such bosses.


A boss should first do to his subordinates is life, solution, and support.

"Order": The boss orders his subordinates precisely what he is doing.

"Commentary": When ordering his subordinates, the boss provides a concrete and clear explanation so that the subordinates can understand the intention.

"Assistance": The boss gives orders and assists in education so that his subordinates can carry out their duties properly.

Ho-Ren-So is what subordinates should do to their superiors in response to it.

"Report": When a subordinate works on a job in response to an order/instruction from their boss at work, they report the progress etc., to their boss.

"Contact": Subordinates objectively and promptly contact their superiors, not including their own opinions and speculations, regarding things that may hinder business execution.

"Consultation": When a subordinate is performing work, and it is difficult to make a judgment on his own, the subordinate consults with his boss about how to deal with it.

Ho-Ren-So is not ahead. The news, ream, and minister will not be returned because the boss does not give life, solution, or support.

It's a matter of course.

For a consultant who can only say, "Even if the information is unpleasant, we should create an open work environment where subordinates can report, contact, and consult with their superiors without hesitation."

This person is a binary opposition, and I think it's okay to say that the boss is terrible.

It's not that easy.

The main idea is to give orders → establishment, → assistance from the boss's side.

This person can only think that he is working as a consultant without knowing what he should be. I think he's pathetic.

By ordering → opening, → assisting, the motivation to report and contact is created, and the conversation continues.

When I think of my boss's face, who gave me life, solutions, and support when I was in trouble, I feel like trying to "consult." It will happen.

Communication is a matter of course, but what is returned to what you throw at us.

And again, gently throw it back. Continue until the problem is resolved.

Don't get me wrong; it's not spoiled.

It's normal to have a relationship where you can say "well done" at the end.

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