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Practical usage of homeostasis

Updated: May 29, 2022

Our body has a homeostasis function, which automatically adjusts physiological conditions such as body temperature and blood pressure even if the environment changes.

It is a function proposed by US physiologist Cannon in the first half of the 20th century.

Here are some easy-to-understand examples that everyone has experienced.

  • Sweat when you feel hot.

  • Running or exercising makes your heart beat faster, and your breathing is faster.

Homeostasis is translated as "homeostatic maintenance function", but in short, it is a function that intends to maintain the homey of life by the body in sync with the outside world.

The two cases we have listed now are activities that always try to maintain a stable state for stimuli from outside the environment. In other words, it is a reaction that responds to physical stimuli.

In addition, there are the following cases.

If you look at the scary scene in the movie, you will get goosebumps

If you put a photo of the Antarctic iceberg in the room on a hot day, it feels fantastic to look at it.

As we evolved over a long history, when you imagine an abstract image in the brain, the body begins to respond to it.

We always try to maintain a stable and constant state for changes in the outer environment that can be stressful.

Homeostasis also happens in virtual reality.

Homeostasis always uses its information to provide feedback to the outside world to make the living body live.

Hypnosis is also explained by homeostasis feedback.

How much hypnosis can be hypnotized by the hypnotists in the streets? There are quite a few individual differences at the level of technology. Still, if you can, you can explain in Homeostasis Feedback.

I have experienced a hypnotic classroom once.

Before participating in this classroom, hypnosis was a mere TV show, but it fell brilliantly.

I had time to teach how hypnosis and practice it several times among students in the classroom. I was sceptical, but I was rude to the other person, so I tried it seriously.

Then I was able to apply hypnosis to me.

The hypnosis suggests that people can sweat and move the opponent according to their instructions.

It is because the work of homeostasis approaches the image in the brain.

In that sense, brainwashing is the same.

Therefore, it can be said that "humans cannot escape from brainwashing magic hands as long as they have a built-in homeostasis function."

On television, etc., image operation close to "brainwashing" is always performed.

The recent report of Russia's invasion of Ukraine has been informed of brainwashing, which is almost in the war.

We recommend reading this book, "War Advertising Agency", for cognitive warfare.

Most of the information reported every day is a scenario created in the same way as in this book.

Return the story to homeostasis.

Homeostasis feedback occurs not only in the maintenance of physical constant but also in virtual reality. It is also said that hypnosis and brainwashing were also caused by homeostasis feedback.

As in the four cases above, the events caused by homeostasis feedback are not only at the level that the other person feels conscious.

The homeostasis function from the outside environment works on the image in the brain, even at an unconscious level.

Regarding hypnosis and brainwashing, The game will be the same as the initiative of the image inside the brain.

In short, which is literally "grabbing your heart".

They can say that the air control of this space has taken the first step to manipulating human hearts.

In other words, they can say that the actual body size and the smaller the "information body" are in synchronization.

Homeostasis feedback works in the whole universe.

We are residents of the universe and cannot get out of this power.

But don't worry. You have a strong ally called cognitive science coaching.

All the certified coaches of cognitive science coaching are studying how to use homeostasis feedback effectively.

The secret is

"Find the goal of what you like, find the outside goal and aim."

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you on your blog. "The outside goal" is a significant point.

You don't have to do your best. If you find a goal, the power of homeostasis feedback will pull you up to the goal.

There is something that ties you now to the current situation. We will help you get out of it.

I also help Toyota -style Kaizen to support Japanese companies and kaizen to a healthy organization. According to the Toyota ceremony, "Kaizen begins with a denial of the current situation."

You can see what you are aiming for by denying the current situation.

Like a golf swing, the "current situation surrounding you" can be accurately grasped by someone other than you.

I also have my teacher cure my golf swing's "current situation".

Why don't you take a step soon?

Ita's the keyword KaizenyourFuture

We are helping you how to make a bright future.

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