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My self-coaching experience ①

Updated: May 29, 2022

I am ashamed to talk about achieving milestone goals in my life.

Scotoma (psychological blind spot)

When I entered high school, I had no intention of going to college. Instead, I chose that high school, "In your grades, this high school."

The teacher in charge of junior high school may not have been such a blunt way of saying it, but at that time, I remember feeling like, "I'm crazy, so I have to give up."

Looking back on the coaching theory (cognitive science), we can say that created Scotoma was for a typical dream killer.

Of course, at that time, the teacher advised me that it was a prefecture-wide system to prevent students from failing in high school entrance exams, so I had no intention of doing this.

My parents were self-employed, so I feel like I'm graduating from high school and taking over the family business. It was a vague feeling that "I can't take the university entrance exam". It's a brief system.

My Want to

I got a used component stereo to change the story when I was in junior high school. To enjoy the component stereo I received, I went to a record store (there was a record speciality store at that time) and hit the pocket money I had to buy three disks.

Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 Rural LP Version,

Bill Evans Interplay LP version,

It was a scat doughnut version of Saori Yuki's dawn.

I don't have any original records anymore, but I still listen to these songs nostalgic.

Of these, Bill Evans was the entrance to JAZZ, but at this time, I chose only the record jacket. There is no brief system. No one recommended me, and I bought it with little prejudice.

As I listened to this record repeatedly, I was fascinated by the appeal of "interplay" (= interaction). After that, I realized that this was the real thrill of JAZZ, and the next record I bought was mostly JAZZ records.

My cousin has had drums since I was in elementary school, and my purpose was to get them to play the drums when I went to his house. So I got a stick and was absorbed in practising at home every day. When I was in the 5th grade, I couldn't reach the bass drum and hi-hat pedals, but my stroke improved considerably, and I could roll. It's the power of Want to.

There was one shocking incident.

A drum and fife corps is usually formed in the 5th and 6th grades of elementary school. I practised strokes, so I waited for the teacher to appoint me, saying, "Leave the snare drum to me." However, only good-performing children were allowed to join the drum and fife corps.

Perhaps Scotoma, who said, "I can't enter university," had memories of this time at the bottom.

Aim for JAZZ Lab with Want to

I think that I started aiming for university by listening to the performance of JAZZ Lab on the radio. I remember strongly thinking, "Jazz can be done when I go to college."

Looking back, I think that as a result, my Want to "go to college to play Jazz" was set as the goal.

After that, I persuaded my parents to understand that I was going to college.

I didn't say that I wanted to do JAZZ. I learned this by studying coaching (cognitive science), but I unconsciously practised, "It is better not reveal the goal to anyone."

I just told my parents, "I want to study, so let me go to college." I don't think many parents deny this.

After that, information about college entrance exams came to my ears through conversations with my friends, and I took mock exams and went to summer seminars. In cognitive science, it is said that the Scotoma will be removed and the RAS will open, and the information necessary for the "university entrance examination" will naturally enter the brain.

However, I came up with the idea around the end of my second year of high school, so I couldn't reach the university level where JAZZ Lab was aiming for when I was active.

I consulted with my parents and decided to be a ronin for a year.

Here's what I did to get into the university I was aiming for in a year.

Go to prep school in the morning and study by yourself in the afternoon

Enter the prep school on the side of the university and enjoy the atmosphere of the university

"People perform well when they are in the comfort zone," he says. In soccer, the relationship between home and away means relaxing and getting good results in home games. It happened to be a prep school near the university. So the site was almost like a part of the university. I was taking classes at the prep school while listening to the voices of college students in the drama club practising outbreaks.

By chance, I set a goal from Want to and say I was in the comfort zone on the goal side.

Coaching (cognitive science) explains the success factors for university entrance exams.

With these experiences and coaching theory, I will work as a professional coach to help you find the Want to goal and achieve it. Please let us know.

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