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Motivation follows Kaizen.

Updated: May 29, 2022

ItThe another day, I told everyone about the catch-up of the "Kame-san Team".

They are no longer the "turtle team".

I've done something and am aiming for the next.

It is a real motivation boost.

Instead of getting motivated and then working on something, you get motivated due to doing something.

Many business owners misunderstand.

If you are motivated like yourself, you think it should work.

You are also highly motivated because you have the experience of doing something.

I've forgotten that, so I want to say, "Get motivated (like me)."

All you have to do is show your goal.

You don't have to think about extra things like motivation improvement measures.

There is a misunderstanding of motivation, and there is also a misunderstanding that if you are motivated, you will get results.

"Become No. 1 in the industry !!"

"Aiming to be No. 1 in sales !!!"

It may be your goal, management.

Do the people who follow you want to be "No. 1 in the industry"? Do you think you are truly aiming to be "No. 1 in sales"?

"You said you should aim for the goal, right?"

I will add it because it seems to be said.

The goal may be "No. 1 in the industry" and "No. 1 in sales", but each member's goal and the goals must be in one abstract world.

In Tomabechi coaching, it is said to "raise the level of abstraction."

The concepts that you and each member of the management aim for must be contained in one set.

It is essential to create a world where everyone's goals are subsumed in one concept.

If this succeeds, everyone's vectors will match.

When you say, "let's go to the right", they all start to go to the right.

We can share the word "right" without the word.

By doing so, everyone can solve the problem and enjoy the feeling of "I did it !!" almost simultaneously.

Motivation is high here.

That's why this moment is essential.

Here, find the next task and guide everyone to fold it up.

The former "Kame-san Team" is highly motivated by everyone.

I'm full of the idea of ​​"I'll try to solve anything."

They already have some idea of ​​the solution.

I was able to set a new task voluntarily.

(It's a secret to them, but I couldn't imagine it changing like this. 😄)

They are now in a state of significant collective efficacy.

We also found new challenges.

Eventually, we will overcome it, find more significant challenges, and move forward.

Significant changes will appear drastically in the information space, even with such growth and change.

It is Kaizen.

Some have said that "improvement is not a reform, but a mess."

The concept of words doesn't matter.

Go ahead.

It is Kaizen.

Once you have overcome one challenge, you will have the energy to aim for the next height. It is called motivation.

Some people set a low upper limit by saying, "(Because it is an improvement anyway), is this enough?"

You'll get some results, but will that motivate you?

That doesn't motivate me.

Visualization is possible even in the information space.

If you see a problem, analyze the factors and Kaizen.

Many people do not follow this procedure, say, "I came up with a good thing, " and take measures.

It will not lead to the next.

KAIZEN will succeed if you follow the procedure and find the problem objectively.

After raising motivation, not Kaizen,

As a result of Kaizen, motivation goes up.

So, continuous Kaizen,

It is the "continuous improvement" of Toyota Way.

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