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Miscellaneous impressions about coaching "Invent on the Way."

Updated: May 29, 2022

I understand that if goal achievement = coaching, it is not the intention of Dr Tomabechi, who I learned in the last two years or so.

Achieve the goal you want.

It's about closing your life thinking it was fun.

This episode has been my realistic goal from the moment I remember it.

Think about how you can achieve that and apply that ability to the world throughout your life.

Increasing the level of abstraction makes it even more significant.

I won't touch it this time,

In his words, the following two things left an impression on me.

The fish that tried to land for the first time

Finding and solving problems that no one could accomplish (like Einstein).

I studied the Tomabechi style and the Thai style, but I feel that they have been misunderstood in achieving their goals.

Although it is different for each person, the weight of "outside the current situation" is adequate.

I read a book on Routes. At that time, my first impression was "a sloppy father !!"

(If you say something like this, it may suit the people involved)

When he was a high school football coach, he planned an appropriate event at school and felt that he wasn't prepared enough. There was an introduction of an example made in time by overdoing it.

I manage to fix the project and achieve it, but I am proud of this in the book.

From my point of view, it's ridiculous. No way.

During my time at the company, I warned people about this way of working and made improvements. But unfortunately, Lou's method is unsuccessful.

Lou justifies it with the word "invent on the way". 😘

"I'm not a good guy!" It was my genuine feeling. It hasn't changed much even now.

He's a nice person, but if he hadn't met Dr Tomabechi, his achievements wouldn't have been so accurate. In addition, as a Tomabechi style, we have further improved coaching.

I'm a certified Thais coach, but I'm not very happy that I've been certified as Thais.

It is said that his great thing was that he also influenced the world's politicians.

He is famous for bringing the parties to the conflict, including the Irish conflict, into discussions.

He has a great personality.

That person has already passed away.

There are many schools in the world of coaching.

I doubt if the expression school is correct,

It's not just the Tomabechi style.

I was coached when I was an office worker.

I was also in a position to introduce it in-house.

I still don't understand the difference between coaching and TQM-like leaders.

My current understanding is that if we incorporate cognitive science into TQM, it becomes coaching.

It's super simple.

This feeling hasn't changed.

Everyone is associated with the unconscious every day, so I think they understand the significance of the unconscious.

Everyone is thinking about how to get it on their side and get them to work in their favour.

If you've never thought about it and don't believe it, you can't get coached, and you're in a life that requires coaching.

I usually don't think about improving it.

I have a heart in myself.

The mind is the brain.

The brain has consciousness and unconsciousness.

The unconscious controls autonomous movements such as those represented by the heart.

Considering that the power of homeostasis surrounds the universe, I am a resident of this world.

That information is present in the unconscious part of the brain. So based on that idea, homeostasis always keeps an eye on me to not catch a cold.

I will raise that information to my consciousness. Think carefully.

Kaizen stores the teachings based on the experiences of seniors in his brain, and he also has similar experiences and keeps them in his memory.

When you see a phenomenon related to a new problem, the important memories you have experienced before are recalled, and you can find the answer immediately.

If you think about the upper concept, hot water knowledge that applies to anything in the lower hierarchy will be accumulated in the individual's brain.

I think it isn't easy to teach it. If the other person does not remember the same experience, it will not be transmitted.

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