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Manufacturing is the only thing left in the former golden country.

German Minister for Economy and Climate Action Robert Habeck at a press conference in Berlin, August 15, 2022.

"Germany has primarily benefited from a business model that relies on cheap Russian gas.

"However, this business model has failed and will not come back."

He explained that Germany would be in trouble as Russia cut gas supplies to the E.U. and would have to bail out the companies that had to pay for it and take a "bitter pill" in the process.

"This tax is the fairest way to distribute and cover additional demographically incurred costs.

"The alternative is not tax-free." The alternative is the collapse of the German energy market,

"With that, it would have been a large part of the European energy market," Habaek said.

Germany's business model is broken – vice-chancellor.

From the 1940s to the 1970s, they called the seven American and British companies the "Seven Sisters," In the past, these "Seven Sisters" dominated the world's oil.

Currently, two Russian companies, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, and Venezuela's seven national oil and gas companies, are called the "New Seven Sisters".

The "New Seven Sisters" now control 65% of the world's proven oil and gas reserves.

(Report by Wood Mackenzie, a global energy analysis company and think tank)

In February of this year, with the start of the Ukraine War, the United States, Europe, and Japan imposed the most substantial economic sanctions in history, banishing Russia from the "U.S. economic and financial system.

However, Russia, which has been expelled from the "U.S. side, invites non-US countries such as China, India, and Iran, which do not want to be subordinate to "U.S. rule. As a result, non-us countries create their own economic and financial systems that do not depend on the "U.S. I made it and quickly moved over to it.

In Japan, it is not reported much; instead, only information from the United States is reported, so only the rumour that Russia is in trouble due to economic sanctions is transmitted.

However, I have to say the opposite is true.

The United States broke the gold standard system due to the Nixon shock, and after that, it took the form of the standard dollar system, and the order of the world's currencies continued to be backed by the dollar.

However, this time, the "U.S. sanctions against Russia have gone opposite to make Russia stronger.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the fact that Germany's business model has collapsed indicates that the power of the United States, including Japan, has weakened relatively.

The New Seven Sisters are nations on the non-American side. The fact that the non-American side controls 65% of oil and gas can be said to be a sign that the order centred on the United States is beginning to crumble.

Then, what will become the backing of the world's currencies in place of the dollar in the future? Gold and other resources will play that role.

Japan has so much money in its history that it is called a golden country, but it was all sucked up by the formerly developed countries.

In the case of silver as well. A considerable portion of the silver circulating worldwide used to be made in Japan, but now there is none left in Japan.

So what should Japan do?

"Japan has no choice but to compete with GDP."

I think added value can be used as an alternative to resources.

If that doesn't work out, there is a possibility that we will be ruined as a nation.

Eliminate waste and add value. It is how Japan survives.

Companies in the United States, China, and other countries have already mastered kaizen in manufacturing.

I believe that the way for Japan to survive is to acquire the ability to increase added value through product development capabilities and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities.

I publish tips through blogs and forums on my "H.P.

It may become part of China. But, before that, there was still a way to survive.

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