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Information space process Kaizen ⑤ Toyota's product development imitated by GAFA

Updated: May 29, 2022

This time, it is a quote from the book of Mr Kitagawa, a former Toyota chief engineer.

Currently, the prominent American IT companies GAFA such as Apple and Google, which are sweeping the world, thoroughly benchmarked Toyota's CE system and introduced it as a product management system, and it has achieved great results. So it is not surprisingly known that it is.

From "Toyota Chief Engineer's Work (Kodansha + α New Book)" (written by Naoto Kitagawa)

The above photo is reprinted from a paid photo material site.

I feel that many people are likely to hear the voice saying, "Imitation of Toyota ...".

My words alone lack weight, so I quoted it from the book of former chief engineer Mr Kitagawa.

Please read this book as well,

"The secret of Toyota's strength-Japan's largest global company unknown to the Japanese-Kodansha Hyundai Shinsho-Takao Sakai"

This author, Takao Sakai, gave a lecture at an overseas lean promotion organization while giving a study.

He seems to have corrected Lean's mistakes so far.

A page introducing TPS on the website of Lean Enterprise Institute

It is full of keywords from Toyota, such as "site walk," "large room," "Kanban," and so on.

"Toyota's product development imitated by GAFA" is "Toyota's chief engineer system".

In the previous blog, there are many secrets about development projects, so

I explained that only manufacturing (TPS) was transmitted overseas.

The chief engineer system has a long history.

The characteristic of the chief engineer does not have personnel rights.

The chief engineer who does not have personnel rights can make suitable arrangements with each design manager who has personnel rights. For example, production engineering manager, manufacturing manager, production control manager, procurement manager, etc., for his project, there is a mechanism to control resources.

I also hear that people who came to benchmarking from overseas couldn't believe the above story.

"There is no way a chief engineer without personnel rights can control a project."

It seems that it was incomprehensible to foreigners.

The chief engineer system is far away, and it has a history of being created by incorporating the aeroplane development system in the time of Eiji Toyoda.

Eiji Toyota was the company's president at that time, but the chief engineer was positioned as the president of the product, and that role is well shared by the people involved.

Under the chief engineer, there is a world where the people's thoughts involved in "making a good car" are united.

APPLE has the famous Steve Jobs.

He was the CEO, but he was also the chief engineer.

The other day I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with Dr Tomabechi about Agile and DevSecOps.

Nicholas Sharan, Chief Software Officer (CSO) of the U.S. Air Force at DevSecOps

However, the doctor told me that he is the leader who stands at the top of 14,000 people.

It is a world where the brains of project leaders build product gestalt, and 14,000 people support it to create products.

The royal road of product development is a mechanism in which the chief engineer puts together the CE image ⇨ CE concept of the product and creates it into an actual product.

If I tell the doctor, "It's a gestalt construction without planning a CE concept."

The doctor nodded.

"The manufacturing industry that I think of is the construction of gestalt in the future. To integrate the things that exist separately to create a new gestalt = the whole. That is, to create added value. The scope of the modern manufacturing industry is. It would help if you thought about it by expanding it to that extent. "Technology to create overwhelming value [Gestalt maker] "(written by Hideto Tomabechi)

"Agile isn't suitable for big projects, and it's not very successful yet," he said.

With DevSecOps, the world of making large-scale software like the one used in a waterfall while making (automatic) corrections on the way has already appeared.

I aim for "#KaizenyourFuture",

We are collecting information about improving the information space. This article is part of that.

We will help kaizen the Mirai (Future) that exists in the human head in the future.

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