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Information Space Process Kaizen ⑧ Knowledge that exists in the designer's mind

Updated: May 29, 2022

The following text is found in Dr Tomabechi's book.

"The manufacturing industry that I think of is the construction of gestalt in the future. To integrate the things that exist separately to create a new gestalt = the whole. That is, to create added value. The scope of the modern manufacturing industry is. It would help if you thought about it by expanding it to that extent. "Technology to create overwhelming value [Gestalt maker] "(written by Hideto Tomabechi)

CE (Chief Engineer) plays Dr. says in Toyota's product planning.

Not just CE

In the world of TPS, Kaizen's basic idea = waste removal

It means that only the added value is added.

In other words, we should be able to "achieve customer satisfaction," and we consider that to be added value.

Therefore, remove everything except the added value

It means that only added value is added.

Imagine the inside of the designer's brain.

Suppose you are targeting a "family with children who enjoy camping".

Each designer outputs a blueprint for each part.

A set of necessary parts design is completed by adding the information in the brains of designers who have individual roles to the info "family with children who enjoy camping".

The moment of attaching parts in the manufacturing process is added value.

However, other operations have no added weight.

As you can see by imagining the inside of the designer's brain,

The yellow ↑ in the picture added to the product information is added value.

Other than that, it is not added value.

If you look at the degree of abstraction in this way, Kaizen's knowledge of physical space can be seen.

Moreover, you can see that you can be applied even in the information space.

Kaizen will succeed if you can separate what you need and what you don't need to reach your goal in your brain.

I have these experiences, Toyota's Problem Solving and Cognitive Science Coaching Theory,

We will help you to draw your future.

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