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Information space process Kaizen ③ I investigated the origin of agile "lean."

Updated: May 29, 2022

In the previous article, I wrote that Agile seems to have something to do with Toyota.

In Japan, most people, including those using Agile, say, "Agile is from the United States."

I think that it is recognized.

How about the word "lean"? Have you heard of it?

"Lean manufacturing" is a Toyota Production System (TPS) researched by Westerners and named "lean" and is widely spread around the world.

If you are interested, I highly recommend reading this book.

"The secret of Toyota's strength-Japan's largest global company unknown to the Japanese-Kodansha Hyundai Shinsho-Takao Sakai"

I have met and talked to this author, Takao Sakai, on SNS.

About Toyota's product development. I capture the whole thing so well that even the insiders may not write in such detail.

The English text below is an excerpt from the page introducing the TPS of the Lean Enterprise Institute that develops it.

Widespread recognition of TPS as the model production system overgrew with the publication in 1990 of The Machine That Changed the World, the result of five years of research led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The MIT researchers found that TPS was so much more effective and efficient than traditional mass production that it represented a completely new paradigm and coined the term lean production to indicate this radically different approach to production.

A page introducing TPS on the website of Lean Enterprise Institute.

If you know TPS, you can see it by visiting this website.

The picture of "Autonomation with JIT and Ninben, the two pillars of TPS" is posted in English.

Since it's in English, it doesn't come with "Ninben",

It is almost like "Toyota books" lined up in bookstores.

In addition to "lean manufacturing" (LPS), there is also the field of "lean development" (LPD).

If you usually think, TPS ⇨ LPS, and ( ) ⇨ LPD.

Don't you think what goes into ( ) should be TPD (Toyota Product Development)?

However, they had no way of getting information on TPD.

Therefore, I made an LPD only with the information of TPS.

Therefore, LPD lacked the essential part of product development.

Agile is a derivative of that LPD, so an essential part is missing.

The best example is the idea of ​​"managing buffers" that I was suspicious of thinking.

Kanban also appears in Agile, but it is a "visualization of progress management" tool.

It will be like a later talk, but Mr Sakai, who I introduced earlier,

It seems that he is currently correcting the wrong part of Lean.

I am currently using the TPD mindset to help improve the product development of several companies.

When you first hear the word agile, it has something to do with what you're doing.

I didn't even think about it,

If you think about it by raising the level of abstraction and the Kaizen of the information space,

You can see that it is what you are doing.

In the future, in this blog, I will study what is missing in Agile,

I want to tell you all.

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