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Information space process Kaizen ⑥ Gestalt construction

Updated: May 29, 2022

In the previous article, an essential ability as CSO (Chief Software Officer) of DevSecOps,

I talked about the ability to build gestalt, just like the chief engineer of a car.

This time, I would like to look at Gestalt building ability.

Below is a summary of the description of the Gestalt construction process from "Toyota His Chief Engineer's Work (Kodansha + α New Book)" (written by Naoto Kitagawa).

Product planning

Is there a reliable target buyer?

What are the selling points that grab the hearts of buyers?

Sales price range, sales target number, etc.

CE image

New model development keywords and vehicle outline Vehicle main specifications, performance, design image, selling points, price range, etc., are summarized.

Voice of sales department (domestic planning, oversees planning, Toyota store sales, Toyopet store sales.)

Pointed out by the quality department

New car information of competitors

CE concept CE concept

Based on the CE image, it is the culmination of adjusting the feasibility of new products with each department, such as sales, design, technology, production technology, factories, and quality assurance.

The following is a description of Dr Tomabechi's Gestalt construction.

From "Technology for Creating Overwhelming Value [Gestalt Maker]" (written by Hideto Tomabechi)

To create a new gestalt = whole by integrating the things that exist separately. That is, to create added value.

As a training to become a Gestalt maker, I have explained how to graduate school and learn some academic discipline. This method is very effective and recommends basic training to develop Gestalt ability.

Create new value by integrating seemingly unrelated points and points from a higher perspective. That is connecting the dots, which is the concept I usually call "LUB".

By connecting points as far away as possible, you can create a more dynamic gestalt. As if you were looking at the lower world from the roof, the level of abstraction inevitably rises, so the scotomas come off in an instant, and a magnificent picture emerges there. In the case of Jobs, it was the birth of a personal computer that fused art and technology.

I aim for "#KaizenyourFuture",

We are collecting information about improving the information space. This article is part of that.

We will help kaizen the Mirai (Future) that exists in the human head in the future.

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