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Information space process Kaizen ④ Agile and Toyota-style buttons are misplaced

Updated: May 29, 2022

Do you know the word lean?

Even if you don't know the Toyota production system, you'll be interested in Lean! Know! I mean

There may be a lot of people.

There is an organization called Lean Enterprise Institute.

This organization is the one that spread Lean to the world.

I heard that one of the central figures is John Sook, a Toyota factory general affairs and personnel affairs person.

The content is very factory-oriented, and the explanation is somewhat rough.

As a result, agile and other derivatives have become violent.

The explanation of (for example) Scrum Master is called "servant leader", but this servant leader is inspired by the group leader/group leader of Toyota's mass production factory as a concrete image.

This image is a little terrible.

The method of creating ideas is used to make tea muddy.

Overseas, Toyota is described as "TPS + Gemba QC" in the first place. However, the essential part is missing.

The essential part that was missing was explained as "lean".

It seems that this "lack of lean" is derived more and more like Agile Scrum while keeping the essential part of the head family, and it also affects design thinking.

After this, I hope to discuss this in detail in the forum.

For example, at GE, Six Sigma, lean six sigma, and Lean Startup, and design thinking seem to have been promoted company-wide from the top down.

GE's performance is now sluggish.

Going back to the source of Lean,

"Toyota = TPS + Gemba QC =" Lean "was a mistake in the first place.

Toyota's factory is "Toyota = TPS + gemba QC =" Lean "",

Toyota as a whole is made up of "TPD + TPS + TQM".

Product development ... LPD ≠ TPD

Company-wide ... TPS + gemba QC ≠ TPD + TPS + TQM

Those who do not know the essential part of TPD and TQM do not weave it into Lean,

It seems that he made LPD and made it more agile from it.

It's a bit extra, but let me tell you my feelings.

In Japan, from the experience of not making good use of QC circles.

It's hard to understand TQM.

Initially, it is M → Management, but I understand

I don't think many companies are doing it correctly.

However, if the management knows this, it will make a big difference.

Agile is a means of developing a product called software,

While ignoring TPD (Toyota Product Development) and TQM, forcibly based on the mechanism of the manufacturing site

It's a product development process.

If you have read this far,

Maybe you want to know what "TPD + TPS + TQM" is.

It's not a shame, but I'll talk more about this later.

Toyota's product development (notice) imitated by GAFA

Currently, the prominent American IT companies GAFA such as Apple and Google, which are sweeping the world, thoroughly benchmarked Toyota's CE system and introduced it as a product management system, and it has achieved great results. It is not surprisingly known that it is.

From "Toyota Chief Engineer's Work (Kodansha + α New Book)" (written by Naoto Kitagawa)

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