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I thought, "I've changed a lot."

Updated: May 29, 2022

I am in golf mode morning; the alarm on my iPhone is 4:30.

But my alarm has never sounded. The iPhone isn't broken. It always wakes up before the alarm goes off. 😁

It was the same this morning. I woke up before 4 o'clock and

"... What was your plan today?" Looking back on what happened before he slept yesterday, "Oh! Golf, today was Yachiyo."

"In my dream, my friend A came out and made a good swing."

"... But why did you come out when you never played golf with him?"

"And he died a long time ago."

And so on, this kind of feeling emerges unconsciously.

It's not a word. In words, it's like this. It is not a conversational format such as self-questioning and self-answering, but the conscious information in the brain.

It's the end of March, so there can be a gap between sunrises at this time.

I got up early, so I started Kindle, read the book I was reading last night for about 30 minutes, prepared for departure, and went out.

It's early in the morning, so few cars are running. It is quiet.

But this morning, the engine's sound (I thought) was strange. I could hear a sound like a gurgling resonance. You can hear it from the bottom of the groove box on the left side of the floor. When I open the windows on both sides, I can't hear the sound.

I couldn't hear the sound outside the car, so I decided there was no problem.

This judgement was a big mistake.

I moved my car forward, feeling a little uncomfortable.

If you enter the Kinugasa Interchange on the Yokohama Yokosuka Road and set the vehicle speed to 95km / h, your right foot will be more accessible. I usually go to Chiba Kita IC with this setting.

After entering Yokohama Yokosuka Road, I couldn't hear any abnormal noise.

I drove my car for a while, thinking, "I wonder if it was because of my mind." Then, I heard a strange sound again from around Zushi IC.

By the time I passed through two tunnels and saw the Kamariya IC, the sound was getting louder, so by that time, I thought, "Oh, punk !?" I was just before the Kamariya Junction.

I drove my car to the roadside belt on the left side. Then, I drove the car to the beginning of the junction branch and confirmed that it was out of the way at this position.

Now, let's talk to Google about what happened.

If you look at "highway" and "trouble",. "Road emergency dial # 9910" was there, so I called that number.

Then, "The phone number is not currently in use."

If you look at the number again, "It shouldn't be that way", it seems that there is a "#" at the beginning.

If you dial with # again, you will hear a male voice.

He told me, "If you can cure a flat tire yourself or have insurance, you can ask an insurance company." However, other than that, it costs money, so I can only give you advice. It was that.

It was pretty light.

I thought it was a big deal, but it was a punk.

After I hung up, I checked the car verification holder for insurance-related information, but I couldn't find it.

When I'm in the car, the wind pressure of the car running too far besides my car from behind shakes my car. So I don't feel excellent.

So far, it's only a few minutes. My consciousness decided by mobilizing all the information that I had unconsciously.

Immediately, I decided to ask JAF and contacted him.

The JAF instructed me to get out of the car first, and I got off from the passenger seat side and entered the outside of the guardrail.

I reported my position and asked him to come immediately, but it took about 40. I have no choice but to wait.

In the early morning of this day, the temperature was low, and it was drizzling.

Looking at the left front wheel of my car again, it is in a dire state, as shown in the picture. It seems that the last few points were rotated only by the wheel. It's also painful.

Kamariya Junction is currently under construction.

Since it was early in the morning, the construction vehicle was parked, but there were no people.

Perhaps I stood for about 5 minutes, NEXCO's car came. They contacted from the example "Road Emergency Dial # 9910". I was a little relieved, but it didn't help me.

For a moment, the idea of ​​"Is it useless to read JAF?" Overwhelmed me, but I was anxious.

I was impressed, "Even so, they are working very well."

NEXCO people said, "We can't stay here because there are other places we have to go. We will leave the tower. We will collect it later, so leave it here as it is. Please. "

I have another 35 minutes of patience.

In the light rain, I stand alone on the shoulder of the highway without an umbrella.

I thought about various things.

A few years ago, I might have taken out the temper tires myself and replaced them myself.

The idea seemed to come to my consciousness for a moment.

However, the work of the prefrontal cortex led to a clear conclusion.

"This was good."

Since I started coaching, my unconscious and conscious coordination have changed considerably.

While waiting for JAF's help, he said, "I've changed a lot while getting wet in the rain."

I was talking to myself in my brain.

The comfort zone has moved to a different place than before.

After about 5 minutes, the iPhone will be ready.

"It's JAF. I think we'll be there in about 10 minutes. So please wait for a while."

Forty minutes, which I thought was long, was halved to 20 minutes. So this phone call was good news.

As contacted by phone, about 10 minutes after that, the first JAF car arrived.

"The other one is in the rear and is heading here for safety confirmation so that work will start from there."

"If you use tempered tires for the front wheels, it will be difficult to drive, so replace the rear wheels with the front wheels," he kindly explained.

Not to mention, I lit the smoke and started to sprinkle it on the back of the car.

Shortly after this, another one arrived. But, again, the work progressed very neatly, and I paid the fee on the spot and settled down.

At a vehicle production plant, all you have to do is position the tires and set up a device that tightens all five nuts simultaneously, but this is not the case on the highway side.

The work goes smoothly.

If I'm not used to it, I have to remember what I did decades ago, such as where the jack is and where to hit it.

JAF people work in dangerous places such as highways, so

Work with due consideration for safety was standardized, and it was reliable even when looking sideways.

At first, I was prepared to wait 40 minutes, but the work started in about 20 minutes, and my car was able to run in 10 minutes.

It's almost 6:30. Highway traffic has also increased.

If I were alone, I wouldn't have been able to make a call.

Thanks to JAF's traffic control support, I could leave without difficulty.

I used to use "start-up inspection", but it is still essential.

This burst accident is my second experience with tire bursts, and I have vowed to take this opportunity to make "start-up inspections" a habit.



I cancelled the Tee time while I was waiting on the shoulder.

However, my brain quickly returned to golf mode with only a few interruptions during the trouble handling.

When I noticed, I was standing at the starting point of the short course of Hayama Kokusai CC.

Two young people were already in the teeing area, but when I saw me, "We start at 8:00, so please go ahead."

"Thank you. Then first!"

After finishing the round of 9 holes in 1 hour, it was time for the dealer to open.

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