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Have you found the life you really want?

Updated: May 29, 2022

I've been doing my best for my family.

When I noticed, it was almost time to leave the company.

The future with half left, as before,

Do you live under the direction of someone?

Is it an extension of more than 50 years?

It came to me when I was thinking about solo. It's not too late yet.

Are you worried about your life and career after retirement?

If you find what you want to do, you will stay that way.

But if you lose your goal, humans will die.

If you find what you want to do

Information necessary for achieving the goal, which was previously unrecognizable, jumps into consciousness.

By RAS (Brain filter that does not input anything inconvenient to you to the brain)

You have shut out the critical information that becomes more and more conscious by drawing a goal.

You start walking towards the world of Want to.

Still, your life is over 50 years.

A life that is the same as or longer than your previous life,

It's up to you to have a fulfilling life that you like comfortable.

The company has no answer to this. Therefore, it is essential to start thinking for yourself.

Don't you think, "I can't eat because I want to do it?"

Why do you think so?

Did you have that word in your brain since you were born?

Don't you believe someone's words?

In cognitive science, this is called "Scotoma".

In the Toyota production system, "belief."

It is essential to try to answer with your current thinking.

I am practising. Please refer to the blog below.

Future memory

The unconscious begins to move.

Toyota Production System and Coaching Theory

So, let's find the world you want to do with me.

I have these experiences, Toyota's Problem Solving and Cognitive Science Coaching Theory,

I will help you to draw your future.

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