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Easy to live in Japan

Updated: May 29, 2022

It's time to write about my leaving the company at 58 in 2014.

In 2000, I went to the Toyota headquarters and joined a project to "create a method for kaizen management" with a colleague of the Toyota group.

Before that, the office worker was seriously worried about quitting.

My family business was a carpenter.

My father was reluctant. Due to the rush of the end of the war, to get into the family business.

So I never said that I should take over the family business.

Ever since I joined the company, I wondered, "Is it okay to do this?", But I had a strong will to "quit the company after doing something". So I continued to work consciously.

Even if my boss says "do this" or "do that", I have never obeyed what I didn't understand.

I only did the thing I understood.

The first thing I liked was cost planning. This episode is sometimes introduced on my blog.

The cost planning under the supervision of Toyota focused only on parts costs.

Looking at the total cost of the vehicle, the work of assembling the car is the cost of Toyota's in-house production, so it is out of the control range of the development.

The company I was in was the in-house processing cost itself, so when I asked, "Design is an activity only for parts costs, but who sees the processing costs?", It was almost within the scope of ordinary cost reduction activities.

I was convinced that if I could control the increase and decrease of the processing cost of a new car, the cost could reduce more drastically than the current situation, so I proposed to create a subcommittee on "investment and man-hours" in the cost planning system.

It was later collected under the name of the Processing Costs Subcommittee and should continue to this day.

Even when a plan to build a factory in Tohoku happened, I wanted to experience factory management and raised my hand. Moreover, I was in the planning department, so it was natural for me to be nominated.

We planned the cost of the new factory based on the cost of the existing factory.

Not only that, we made an adequate budget based on the planned cost. I tried to make a budget only with the cost that can explain the purpose.

It's a little overwhelming, but there was a conflict between the executive and budget management departments.

I think this is actual cost control.

There was a counterargument, but I managed to make a shape and returned to the head office, but it was easy to return to the usual way when people changed.

The introduction has become a little long.


Since I retired and have more time, I have contacted various information that I have never had before.

The first thing that surprised me with the new information was that I learned that there was a big misunderstanding about why the current situation in Japan happened.

Japan lost the war

I started an immoral war from here.

A stupid people who thought that they could win with just their feelings, even though they had only lost their spears.

The expeditionary forces are gentle people who hand out chocolates

At the command of His Majesty the Emperor, all 100 million people fought and smashed


Looking back on it now, it's scary; it's just a historical view dyed by someone.

Today is April 5, 2021,

The ongoing coronavirus turmoil and the Ukrainian conflict. It is just a scenario that someone made, like the "war that Japan set up".

Things are sometimes explained by the expressions left and right.

From that point of view, I think I was close to an innocent left-handed liberal at the time.

I don't understand the meaning of liberal.

President Roosevelt had Japan declare war (to join the war).

He kept the tactics even when he hid them in his own country.

President Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. (Indiscriminate murder violates international law)

A "Tokyo Tribunal" was held to hide it.

hey used an NHK program to brainwash the Japanese.

(NHK continues its vested interests)

The Japanese became a gentle and obedient group according to the above strategy.

The Japanese are relieved to be under the American nuclear umbrella, but the US dispatch will no longer continue.

Dollar-centricity has already collapsed.

That is the reason why Russia has returned to the gold standard.

No one tells in Japanese media

What I wrote here is not an exaggeration.

I didn't see it when I was in the office, but it's an event that everyone knows.

It's essential to look at things from a slightly higher dimension.

If you climb the mountain, you will see something different than usual.

(Tomabechi coaches like to use the word abstraction, but it's a concept. I'm not familiar with this word yet, so I don't want to use it.)

In this blog, I will sometimes write things related to Japan regardless of left or right.

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