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Daily management 6 /Own process completion ②

At the beginning of self-process completion activities,

The "Grocery store owner" story became a big hit in the Toyota Group.

It also appears in Shinichi Sasaki's "Toyota's Self-Process Completion", developed company-wide from the site to the office.

Still, it is a story about "Why is the father of Grocery store owner so energetic?"

I had heard that Mr Sasaki, the former vice president, had started

Later, when I read this book, I learned that Mr Sasaki thought about this during his time in England.

I've come to understand that this is an activity that will make all the staff healthy,

When I heard about it, it didn't click with me, but I remember pushing forward with excitement, thinking it would be fun as the activity progressed.

Staff work often loses sight of the purpose of "for what" and "for whom".

The greengrocer's father talks directly with the customers and has a firm grasp of what they want.

And (according to the information) the customers are happy to buy the vegetables.

It means you can immediately see the results of the day's purchases.

I promoted development process reform activities at Kanto Autoworks just before this self-process completion began.

At that time, I asked each designer to clarify their post-process.

We called the post-process requirements "good product conditions," aThedesigner clarified in advance what was required of him, and then everyone proceeded to carry out the work.

At Kanto Auto Works, a general manager of the development department wanted to do this activity for the entire development department, so he asked me to lend him a hand.

JBeforethis, I entered the development department and succeeded in iimprovingactivities.

At the beginning of this activity, I was asked, "What do you know?"

That turned into "Let's do it together."

In terms of coaching, I succeeded in removing the scotoma beautifully.

In my heart, I'm going to turn these designers into energetic greengrocers!

I started my activities wwith enthusiasm

And we created an operation program = OP for vehicle development.

I still believe this has become a great asset, along with the vehicle production line.

Company assets that are not recorded on the balance sheet.

The development department headed towards a new goal.

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