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Company management method for personnel rotation of Caddy

When playing golf on Scott Run, I rent a guide cart, but sometimes I hire a local caddie.

I haven't visited his place since Covid19, so I haven't confirmed what the market is like, but £ 60 + Tip seems normal.

Of course, I will hire one Caddie. It is one-on-one.

In Japan, at our level, it's not like hiring a caddie but a house caddie from a group of people.

Recently, the number of golf courses with house caddies has become a minority.

At Taiheiyo Club, where I am a member, there are 18 courses, of which there are courses that always have a caddie and courses where you can get a caddie if you wish.

Taiheiyo Club regularly hires new graduates every year.

New employees have joined the company since April this year, and there are trainees in the Yachiyo course, which I often attend, and sometimes my group also has trainees with senior instructors.

By July, the level of trainees has risen considerably, and I sometimes see the instructor just evaluating behind the scenes without giving any instructions.

Caddy wouldn't want to be gloomy with him when the player made a mistake and was depressed.

I prefer a caddie who is optimistic about the player's feelings rather than having them read the putt's line accurately and look closely at the ball's whereabouts.

The Yachiyo course is under the umbrella of the Taiheiyo Club and is in its third year of opening. Because of that, I feel that there are many relatively young people. Everyone is cheerful.

Whether the training at OJT was successful, it seems that there are people with higher levels according to my evaluation criteria.

One day in mid-July, a chat at the teeing ground started when I was in a round with the members I often accompany.

At times like this, trainees are usually talked about, but at this time as well, one of the members asked, "Where is Miss Kobayashi (pseudonym) from?" She is a female trainee.

She replied, "I'm from Kansai."

"Are you lonely away from your parents?"

"No, that's why my dad is coming to Yachiyo this weekend."

"You may be nervous about your father coming ."

After the conversation,

"Even though you are from Kansai, you often can't go home from work at a golf course in Chiba," someone said with sympathy.

Then, the instructor said.

"She was hired in a career position, so she hasn't decided to stay in Chiba."

I was a little interested in this word.

I was impressed that the personnel system of Taiheiyo Club has become more vital than expected.

More than ten years ago, at the Gotemba course, I only remembered that a local housewife worked part-time as a caddie, so I think they did not welcome systems such as personnel rotation.

The term hiring a career track left a lasting impression on me.


The story will fly in today, late July.

Recently, when I make a golf reservation, I check the weather forecast the day before making a course reservation.

The weather forecast as of the previous day was cloudy, and the probability of rain was a little high, but it was a forecast of precipitation of about 2 mm, so I called the Yachiyo course and saw it.

Then, I refused once because there was no vacancy in the early morning, and when I called the Sagami course, I could play through the top start and the second start, and both were vacant, so I made a reservation.

When I woke up after 3 am, there was a sound of rain.

By 5 o'clock, the rain was getting stronger and stronger.

When I was worried and rechecked the weather forecast, they predicted that the rainfall would be at most 2 mm and the rain would rise around 9 o'clock.

It was raining in the summer, so I thought the heat would disappear even if it rained a little, so I went to the golf course without any worries.

However, it had been drizzling since the start, but when I played up to 4 holes, the rain became more muscular.

Not only that, but in the distance, I began to hear thunder.

Finally, they displayed a lightning warning on the navigation screen, and I rushed to a nearby evacuation shed.

We had been waiting in the evacuation shed for about 20 minutes. Finally, they dispatched a car from the clubhouse, and we decided to pull it up to the clubhouse.

It's fine until I pull it up to the clubhouse, but the lightning momentum doesn't seem to slow down.

I went to the restaurant, but the golfer's voice waiting for the start was packed, and I couldn't seem to calm down, so I immediately returned to the first floor.

Suddenly, I saw the books displayed at the reception counter.

This book has been a little talked about among the members. And it seems that my unconsciousness has accumulated, and the memory of this book has risen to my consciousness.

I couldn't measure the time until the thunder subsided, so I wondered if I should read this book to kill time.

I don't have reading glasses, so I maximized the font size on the iPhone Kindle and read it.

E-books are convenient because I can download them immediately at such times.

I was wondering if the content of this book was mainly for Taiheiyo Club, but when I read it, it was a surprisingly exciting business book.

By the time I left the company, Taiheiyo Club had gone bankrupt.

At one point, they say that the Accordia Group would acquire it.

As a result, Maruhan, the industry's No. 1 pachinko slot company, was selected as the sponsor.

I haven't read it yet, but the history of this time is also published as a book.

I don't play pachinko, so I didn't have an excellent impression of the company Maruhan.

However, I found a fascinating story hidden when I started reading this book.

I think you can understand why the training and personnel rotation system of Caddie explained at the beginning is rooted in Taiheiyo Club.

Until the Taiheiyo Club went bankrupt and they decided on a sponsor, we enjoyed generally playing on the surface, but it seems that the situation was rough behind the scenes.

At that time, Maruhan's vice president became the president of Taiheiyo Club, and it seems that he has been steadily rebuilding his business by taking advantage of his experience of changing the image of the industry that he came to in Maruhan.

Not only do I feel immediate changes as a member, such as the renewal of human resources, the acquisition of a new course called the Yachiyo course, and the renovation of the Gotemba course. I also emphasize management that values ​​people.

Even before I read this book, I had the impression that Taiheiyo Club employees have become brighter these days.

However, I don't think this was due to my mind.

became a flow of energy conveyed to me.

For the past few years, the only courses I go to play are the Yachiyo course in Chiba, the Ichihara course, the Narita course, the Sagami course in my hometown Kanagawa, the Gotemba course, and the Gotemba West course. There are also more attractive courses than the Gotemba course.

There are also three courses in Kansai.

In addition, we have partnered with several prestigious overseas courses so that you can play as a member. This measure is a service after becoming a new Taiheiyo Club.

Today, on the Sagami course, we stopped playing golf halfway through, but I came across unexpected information on a momentous day in a book that happened to be trapped in lightning and rain.

Now, I would like to avoid opportunism and enjoy the original golf.

Finally, I encourage you to read this book as a business book.

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