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By digging deep into the unconscious, you can see the consciousness.

Updated: May 29, 2022

(Cognitive science) In coaching, rewriting the unconscious is a powerful means of achieving the goal.

By studying "Study of Consciousness", I would like to think about my method and the coaching theory, such as unconscious rewriting.

This series of blog posts is my study note.


Subliminal operations have been controversial since the mid-19th century.

There is a notorious experiment in which the phrase "Drink Coca Cola" was inserted in the 1957 movie, which is said to have its roots. (See Wikipedia)

This movie is supposed to increase sales of Coca-Cola.

But this later turned out to be a complete myth.

With this as a trigger

The question was left: "Does the invisible image affect thinking?"

It is a fundamental question about elections, mass manipulation, and the scientific understanding of the brain.

It is said that subliminal is used in the presidential elections of the United States and France.

To process the information.

Do I need to be aware of it?

Is it possible to perceive, classify, and judge it without being aware of it?

This question is becoming more and more critical now that we have unknowingly learned about various ways to inform the brain.

"Binocular struggle," "inattentional blindness," and "masking," which I mentioned in a previous blog post.

Etc. Obscure what we are seeing.

Are we just blind to them?

Is attention to a particular event interrupting the perception of distracting information and continuing processing below the threshold?

If the processing continues below the threshold, what brain region does that information reach unconsciously?

If we can measure the depth of the unconscious process, we will understand the consciousness more clearly.

Even if you don't see the initial information, you can exclude it from your quest for consciousness if it turns out to affect your consciousness.

As you gradually push these removal tasks to higher levels, you will find out more about the characteristics of consciousness.

By digging into the unconscious in this way, the whole picture of the consciousness gradually emerges.

In my series of blog posts, I'm digging into the unconscious in the future. , First, We will clarify the relationship between consciousness and unconsciousness.

We unknowingly recognize and classify masked images.

It also deciphers and interprets invisible words.

Images that stay below the threshold are completely unnoticed,

It motivates us and acts as a reward.

Even the complex actions that connect perception

and movement can work unknowingly.

This action shows how we usually rely on the unconscious "autopilot".

We are unaware of the activity of the unconscious process,

I always overestimate my decision-making consciousness.

But the truth is, the ability to consciously control is limited.

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