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As soon as Scotoma came off, epoch-making ideas came out one after another.

Updated: May 29, 2022

This story is about an organization making industry-leading products for over 20 years.

Recently, competitors have begun to close the gap.

Therefore, They decided to develop a new product to beat the competitors.

Developing a new product is a so-called model change.

The first meeting will be held in mid-May.

Among the participating members, I vowed to make the project a success.

The enthusiasm of the members at that time was full of extraordinary passion.

The expression that the efficacy is high was just right.

It was necessary to reduce the cost by 30% to achieve the required target cost.

Each member had some assumptions, but they soon settled.

This product consists of three central units.

The members thought it was just a modification of one of the three units.

Each member implicitly envisioned the next customer to place an order.

According to it, the allowed period is half a year.

For the success of the new project

This time, we have decided to introduce "vehicle cost planning".

Cost planning is a cost control activity in the early stages of product manufacturing.

Product manufacturing costs depend on activities in the early stages of development, such as product planning, product planning and design, and prototyping. In other words, to properly manage costs, a management system that focuses on the initial stage is required.

In cost planning, the concept of the new product is clarified, and the target cost is set.

At that time, the selling price assumed by analyzing the information from the sales staff was quite severe.

It will be necessary to reduce costs by 30% in half a year.

You can also see that it makes me feel like, "I can't achieve such a strict goal!"

But what was the vow at the meeting in mid-May?

In terms of coaching, "scotoma has occurred".

This time Scotoma had a hard impression like a rock.

At such times, everyone needs to discuss.

However, the members gathered every day and repeated meetings, which opened the door.

Is it essential to target the production number six months later?

It will be a significant change, so maybe it's permissible to extend the time a little?

Let's squeeze out the time, take the courage, and thoroughly review the structure of the three units.

Scotoma has come off, and collective efficacy is back.

They repeatedly discussed from June to July, and Scotoma was removed by the end of July.

In August

An epoch-making idea of ​​"changing the main structure from vertical to horizontal" emerged.

When the results of the activities so far are aggregated, the required reduction amount has dropped to 5%.

Originally it was an organization with high collective efficacy, so

By discussing with everyone, I removed the Scotoma myself and

It is said that when Scotoma came off, a groundbreaking idea came out at once.

A typical coaching effect.

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