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The story of the most robust combination of unconsciousness and homeostasis feedback.

(This term is not just about golf, so please read it to the end 🙇)

I love golf as much as "I want to do anything even if I can stop playing golf."

Therefore, even if I continued to faint in agony for more than ten years, I was able to resolve it brilliantly.

Churchill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom during World War II (there are various views, but I will put it on the shelf this time), was tired of flying around the United States and European countries and taking root. I have.

At that time, I heard from an American who lived in an apartment behind the old course that he was playing golf on the old course of St Andrews and taking a break.

Taken from the clubhouse of the old course in 2008. It is not a place for general tourists to enter. Before the clubhouse restaurant was closed, an American living in this back apartment invited me, but he forced the restaurant to make fish & chips, which was a treat. I did.

Despite his stealth, Churchill approached the green on the 18th hole, famous for The Open, and the locals gathered out of nowhere to help the tired prime minister with a standing ovation.

The feeling of working hard for the country and the exhausted prime minister in the unique wartime environment must have been caused by the homeostatic feedback of the people who gathered there.

I've been using the "Aggression Club" (head is weighty, shaft is Funya Funya) for 15 years, but no one has asked me.

When I said to the creator of this club, "I want to go back to a normal club!", I smiled and said, "I can't go back anymore !! 😎". I am reporting.

As a result of the intense practice, the number of faints in agony has finally decreased to less than 20%.

Rather than hard practice, the primary factor is the change in the image in the brain the scotoma is off.

When I was 22 to 23 years old, I started playing golf and mastered the swing by imitating the appearance.

After that, I bought a textbook for golf magazines and NHK golf lesson programs and studied professional lessons seriously.

The golf swing you see in the video is based on the image you remember from the past.

The brain is designed so that you can only see what you know.

So no matter how much you read the text, you tend to read only the part you know from the text.

I remember the text as if it had a disassembled photo.

As far as I can see in the disassembled photo, the professional swing at that time had the shaft standing until just before it hit the ball, and I was impressed with "Is this the difference between a professional and an amateur ?!".

The "Aggression Club" is also known as the "Endangered Golf Club".

In short, it's a golf club that features good old-fashioned head weights, iron shafts and bends.

I was impressed, "Is this the difference between professionals and amateurs ?!"

When I was looking at the exploded photo of a professional swing, the shaft stood until just before hitting the ball.

However, this is just a backswing with the foot's movement while keeping the forward-leaning posture of the address, and the shaft goes up to a high place.

Just fold your right elbow a little, and you'll be in the top swing position.

At that time, my swing was to swing only with my arms, using only the torsion of my upper body, so just before the impact, instead of looking up, the cock on my wrist (not the real cock) was already It was in a thawed state.

Sure, it was the "difference between professionals and amateurs," but there was a big difference in an essential part.

It is what the image in the brain is.

Not just golf, but not just me; the human brain is designed to see what it knows.

So even if I say I see it, I don't see it correctly because I know it. It is how I cut corners.

The unconscious also makes another mischief.

I'm playing golf

"I'm in good shape today!"

"Four pars continued!"

"If this is half (9 holes), I expected three-stroke more than par."

After thinking this way, I immediately got an OB, became a lost ball, and made a big mistake. The result is for the skin calculation of the raccoon dog that is not caught, with nine holes and nine overs 😭.

The word "unprecedented today" is a songwriter,

Even unconsciously, I think "today is unprecedented".

"What is half three over?"

"I don't think I can be done!"

(It was a bit vulgar wording. Please forgive me.)

The previous OB is due to this unconsciousness. The unconscious worked on the feedback of homeostasis and made it an alumnus.

My subordinates have a network all over my body in terms of homeostasis.

There are "three major systems" of autonomic nerves, endocrine system, and immunity. Therefore, it is impossible to maintain your homeostasis by moving this system slightly.

For homeostasis, +9 is homeostatic, and +3 is abnormal.

I will follow you in the honour of homeostasis.

The original role of homeostasis is to protect the three major systems when stress is applied from the outside and homeostasis is about to be disturbed.

The unconscious works are both good and evil as an organisation, not as an individual human being.

The top of the company has a vision that employees can sympathise with and is the one who pulls everyone toward the goal.

In a company of a specific size, many of the top employees join the company as new employees and climb up to the current top position.

These people are already "successful" and "have achieved their goals."

The limits of this top individual's imagination set the organisation's limits.

In other words, I made a vision for the company because I "have achieved my goal", but I think that this person's unconscious is trying to make things better and more accessible.

If you want to coach, you need to start from the top of your organisation.

The top priority should be to get the top to understand that "the limits of your imagination are the limits of your organisation."

"I became president, but the real success lies elsewhere."

"Not yet successful."

People need to think, "I can get the next success."

The managers are doing what they think is suitable as an (explicit) consciousness,

It would be a waste to push the boundaries of employee imagination unknowingly and pluck the buds of innovation.

Japanese manufacturers have technological capabilities,

but they are overwhelmed by their creativity.

It does not lead to development power.

When what an individual should do is inline

with the goals of the entire company

Humans have an extraordinary amount of creativity.

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