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Second Royal Dornoch

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Today, I am still based in Dornoch hotel and enjoying the surrounding Links. It's early, and it's already the 4th day.

Yesterday was Wick G.C., which is the northernmost point in this itinerary.

At the lively Links where the junior tournament is being held, I played with a bit of force. It was a fun day to interact with the locals.

I'm finally booking the Royal Dornoch championship course for the afternoon on this day.

This time, I asked a travel agency to make a reservation for Royal Dornoch on the 4th and 7th days.

Anyway, to enjoy Royal Dornoch, I stay at a hotel within walking distance to Royal Dornoch.

I asked the travel agency to make all Links reservations, but I booked rental cars and hotels from Japan via the Internet.

The book on the left is famous among Scottish golf enthusiasts, "To Links Land-Looking for the Soul of Golf" by Michael Bamberger, translated by Keijiro Suga, Asahi Press.

I was excited about this book and was absorbed in reading it because I wanted to play golf at Links in Scotland someday.

This book is a non-fiction book in which the author travels in search of himself while playing golf in Scotland, the sanctuary of golf.

I became interested in Scotland and came across this book.

It consists of 18 chapters. Number of 18, there are exceptions, but golf courses are generally 18 holes.

There is such a sentence in the 17th chapter.

"That shepherd's course must be considered one of the trilogy, he says. Aufna Free, Muffli Hanish, Donoch. Dornoch is a well-known course that has been well received. But the muff finish is unknown. "

When I first read this book, the word "trilogy (of a Scottish golf course)" stuck in my head.

I couldn't remember these names right away, but I strongly remembered that if you were to play golf in Scotland, you shouldn't miss the "trilogy."

Of the "trilogy", Muffli Hanish and Donoch have already visited.

2017 will be the second challenge for Dornoch.

I went to Machrihanish by rental car with my friend J when I first visited Irvine in 2013.

Almost J took over the driving.

We took a car ferry to Campbeltown on the Kintyre Peninsula as if we were going through the Isle of Arran, but on the way back, we detoured the peninsula to the base and returned to Irvine.

J drives the car, so I enjoyed the scenery along the way.

I wasn't sure how to get from Irvine to Muffli Hanish alone, but I had a great trip thanks to J.

I want to write another article about the trip to Muffri Hanish.

The names of the trilogy Auchnafree, Machrihanish, and Dornoch are characterized by Auchnafree, Machrihanish, and Dornoch in Japanese katakana.

This sound is not present in Japanese pronunciation, so it sounds either "Fu" or "Ku", depending on the translator. However, it seems to be between "Fu" and "Ku".

In this article, it is referred to as Dornoch.

Two hours before the tee off, with a caddy bag, I left my room at the Dornoch Hotel, walked through the courtyard, left the hotel grounds, walked about 100 meters, and went to the Royal Golf Hotel. Pass in front and go down to the clubhouse. You'll arrive at the Royal Dornoch clubhouse less than five minutes from your room.

The Royal Golf Hotel is more luxurious than the Dornoch Hotel. I didn't choose this hotel this time because it didn't have the name Dornoch, but I would like to stay here next time.

There is a restaurant on the 2nd floor of the clubhouse, so I decided to have coffee there.

This photo is the teeing area of ​​the 1st hole of the Royal Dornoch Champion Course, taken in 2012. At that time, it was called the teeing ground.

When practising putt on the practice green, the starter will call your name when it's tea time.

Three golfers from the United States accompanied me on this day.

They are hiring a caddy. I asked if I could hire a caddy before the start, but no one was available just before that.

When I played at Royal Dornoch in 2012, I came from Japan with three friends.

At that time, I booked a tea time from Japan on the Internet. Two caddies were found before the start, but not this time.

Other golfers seem to have booked a caddy.

I felt a little lonely, but since this was the second time, the layout of the course was mostly in my brain.

The 1st hole is a little nervous because there are many people around the teeing area. Once you have a tee shot, you will be in a world of only accompanying golfers and caddies so that you can concentrate on golf.

However, playing Royal Dornoch for the first time in 5 years on this day made me nervous, and I couldn't calm down.

It took me a long time to regain myself as if I had been in agony from the beginning, the tee shot didn't hit well, and I felt like I was being gazed at by the sympathy from those around me.

The second hole is a par 3. The green is in the shape of a battery, and it is pretty tricky, but I managed to put it on the green with the second shot approach, and I was able to regain my composure.

Royal Dornoch is said to be a layout made by God.

While you are walking along with the land. You are looking at the coast on your right. And you head north on the land side and go up to a small hill on the way.

The scenery from the hill is a classic souvenir photo and painting, which is the best point.

Then go down the hill and turn back.

The layout is to look at the sea on your left and come back. It has the opposite layout to the coast from the Old Course in St Andrews.

After turning back, it's a challenging uphill hole, blocked by a tough against, and behind the 9-van hole, green is the Halfway House.

You can buy snacks and drinks here and take a break.

The day's golf started in agony, was struck by strong winds, and was occasionally hit by rain on the sides.

If you lose this rigour, you can't love Links Golf.

I enjoy thinking, "The strong winds of Royal Dornoch welcome me."

I never put up with being thin. 😂

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