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Lively Wick Golf Club

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


I travelled to Scotland alone in 2008.

It was my second time in Scotland, but my first solo trip to Scotland.

When I arrived at St Andrews, I went to the starter hut of the Jubilee course first and bought a ticket valid for three days.

Following the starter's recommendation, I was invited to a party of three people living near St Andrews.

One of them said Hadi Cap 6. The other two were also good.

My handicap at that time was 7.8, but they were much better than me.

They hit a low ball with a 3rd wood on the tee shot and

Near the green, I used a putter to approach the shot.

It was completely different from the way I always do it.

The soil was hard, probably because it rained less that year.

I felt uncomfortable with the iron shot and gradually got sick.

From the first day, I fell into a state where I was no longer myself.

The next day I played at Kings Burns from the morning. Kings Burns

It will take 20 minutes by car from St Andrews.

Again, I couldn't get a sense of the soil. There was something wrong with it.

I returned to St Andrews in the afternoon and tried the Jubilee course again.

But very miserable results awaited.

I had only six balls in my caddy bag that day.

However, when I thought about it, I could say that there were 6 of them, but six was not enough for this course.

The result was that I ran out of all the balls and shrugged back to the clubhouse parking lot.

When I returned to the guesthouse and told Jackie, the wife of the inn, about this,

She comforted me, "Jubilee is long, narrow and difficult."

I thank her for her kindness.

Even with these eyes, I still don't hate Links.

I also want to play as many times as I want.

Summer 2017, Saturday, August 12

Based in Dornoch, I visited Lynx on the north side.

This time, I asked a travel agency run by a junior at my university to make a schedule.

Kaizen education at a major electric power company peaked, and every month I went back and forth between my home and Fukushima and my home and Niigata.

Wick the northernmost point of this trip. I had breakfast at 8 o'clock and headed to the car before 9 o'clock, but the input of NAVI did not go as expected.

Volvo's NAVI is cumbersome to input and is a pain. After struggling for almost an hour, I left for the city without being able to identify the golf course.

You can see the North Sea on the right side of the road called A9 heading north from Inverness. There should be 64 miles to the wick.

The people here are running at a considerable speed. I'll fan from behind if I don't drive at about 60 mph. I entered the parking lot on the shoulder of the road many times and passed the car chasing from behind.

When I came near the wick and operated NAVI, I found it had a function to input nearby destinations by genre.

When I searched the golf course, I found Wick Golf Course.

Entering the seaside from A9, you will follow a road like a farm road with tall grass on both sides, but if an oncoming car arrives on the way, there is no choice but to back up.

Of course, it is not paved.

After driving on a narrow road of about 5-600 meters, I saw a clubhouse near the sea.

There was a small practice green in front of the clubhouse, and girls of elementary school age were enthusiastically practising putters.

When I went to what seemed to be the starter room and asked, "Can you make it around today?", The most authoritative person said, "Today there is a junior match, and it's crowded."

Something started a conversation between the older men. They felt a little frowned and talking.

Maybe the reservation didn't go through? So I thought, but that prediction seems to have hit the mark.

I understand that I was told, "I can't play today."

I could only say, "I'm in trouble" he showed me the tournament table.

It seemed like there was a big match for the locals today.

Then a woman nearby gives an opinion to that person. She's probably giving me an idea to make me round.

The locals' conversations are almost nothing more than I can imagine with my English ability.

In the meantime, I heard the words 11:40 from the mouth of the most authoritative person.

These people did not disappoint golfers who came alone from the Orient.

Thank you.

It takes about 40 minutes until the start time, so if you go into the clubhouse to drink beer, the atmosphere is generally friendly. Everyone will call out to you.

The clubhouse restaurant only served drinks.

It seems to be open mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. Today was Saturday, so I was able to have a cold beer.

It was 10 minutes ago, so I carried my bag and went to the starter.

An older adult kindly taught me how to pay the green fee.

You are given a yellow tag; there is a perforation under the tag; you write your name on the cutout part, put it in an envelope with money, glue it and post it to the mailbox. It is a mechanism called Honest.

I received an explanation of Honest from a travel agency so that I could understand the explanation. Still, if I hadn't had the concept of Honest in mind in advance, I wouldn't have had to repeat the explanation repeatedly. I laughed alone later.

Three women were playing before me when I began to play golf, but when they saw me, they let me through. She was the woman who made my round a reality at the clubhouse.

There was a follow-up wind on the way back from against the wind.

I couldn't get the distance well, so I had a little trouble, but only the approach was close to the pin.

During the round, you will meet many junior golfers.

Some teams have parents. Links are straightforward and straightforward, but with so many people, the atmosphere may be quite different from the usual atmosphere.

The atmosphere of junior golfers and their parents is a unique feeling because it is a school.

In the picture on the left, there were any children. But the sight of a pair of parents and children walking around the Links. One of these bags can change the atmosphere of the place.

I sat down on the bench in the teasing area at the turning point and looked back on the turmoil. "This is also a souvenir of the trip," I said myself.

I named this article "Lively Wick Golf Club", but it's probably different from the locals' skin.

Perhaps this turmoil wouldn't have been angry if this were a weekday, and Wick's impression would have been entirely different.

There were many things, but I was happy to play golf.

On the way back to the Dornoch Hotel, I checked out Brora and Golspie for the next round and came back. So it's okay if NAVI doesn't work anymore.

I went to TESCO in Wick and bought wine and apples, tomatoes, scones and water.

While I am looking at the beautiful Links, it's enjoyable to take a leisurely walk on an extended summer night in Scotland.

When I came a few years ago, I had little knowledge of Links around Dornoch.

Just being further north than Nessie's famous Inverness amplifies the image of being farther in my mind.

After drinking wine, take a walk around Dornoch.

The parking lot where I changed my clothes when I came with my friends a few years ago is on the right side of this photo, but it was well paved.

The building in front of the stone wall

The Royal Dornoch clubhouse has seen from the back.

I like this landscape.

Behind this is the Champion Course, and diagonally to the right, the Struie Course.

The coast extends further to the right of Struie.

If I could live so close to Lynx, I wouldn't say anything.

There are so many great things in Scotland that it's hard to ask where it's best.

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