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Image in the brain and actual golf swing.

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The severe answer returned was, "You can't go back anymore."


It is a classic golf fainting article.

This time, I found a thank-you email sent to the master at that time, including the background of the above head part "I can't go back anymore", so I would like to show it to everyone.

(In addition, he posted this comment on the master's blog)

May 23, 2016

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your professors.

I have been in agony for six and a half years since September 2009. Recently, he has finally escaped from the darkness of agony.

I feel that the score doesn't matter.

Even if I didn't go to the practice area, I started to think that the score would come along with the rounds. (Note: This was a mistake. 😅)

Counting since I bought the first club from him, we have already had a long relationship for over 20 years.

Unlike before, nowadays I have more time to play golf, so the environment for enjoying golf is improving.

My teacher told me the other day, "If you go to the lesson earlier, it will take about two years.

I think I was able to get out of agony. "

But, like 90% of the golfers in the world, if they didn't know this golf swing and went to the world, they would have had even greater regrets.

Last year, I was planning to go to Scotland in July, so I had an image of wanting to overcome my agony and hit a low ball that would pass under the strong winds of Links.

"It's about time to get rid of it," he said, but there was no change in May, and he was in a hurry.

"I want to go back to a normal club!"

I was feeling like that,

The teacher said, "You can't go back anymore."

I remember I couldn't argue.

I became obedient and went to HBS once a week from the end of May for five consecutive weeks, carrying about three clubs on my back and walking from home.

(Note: I didn't pay for the lesson at this time because I thought it was after service. 🙂)

I received direct advice from my teacher and understood "do not shake the clubhead down" with just words.

The fact that the image in the brain and my movements

are significantly different

I find that the images in my brain and my movements

are very different. I was reminded now.

Even after realizing it, it took me more than half a year to get the right image.

(Note: This is less frequent in 2022 but continues 😂)

I still find myself unconsciously trying to move my head first. (I think it's okay to notice it.)

It's still the same in Scotland, and my local friends seemed to ring around Glasgow when I was young, and they usually gave me a lot of advice.

"I'm sorry, but don't tell me now," he refused stubbornly, and he had no choice but to continue in agony.

I replied to my friend's invitation, I practised a round on the 9-hole course next to the hotel with his two cute grandchildren, but I couldn't get the image of stopping the head swing. I can't forget that the little rabbit was sympathetic and watching over me.

Yokosuka's driving range is lively every morning, from early morning to around 10 o'clock.

There are groups of several people here and there, and from early morning in the streets, the mainstream "pendulum" swing theory is flying around at a loud volume.

Unmanned, swinging a baseball bat or something like an elongated shaft

People doing preparatory exercises are swinging big players by making a loud noise and swinging around, or holding three irons and swinging around.

Some groups are competing for altitudes that are invisible.

Am I lonely in this crowd? While silently thinking of the opposite theory,

I worked hard for half a year with just a 7-iron approach-style drill.

The full swing has been sealed for a while.

I always waited for their excitement to cool down and went out to the driving range.

I spent days rolling 300-400 balls on the 90-minute course until the afternoon.

On weekends, I walked to HBS to see the week's results, but I was half happy and half disappointed by the teacher's words, "It's a little better."

I continued this for about a month, and even after returning from Scotland, I continued the 90-minute approach three to four times a week.

Then, gradually, what was written on the blog came to my mind with the image of body movements, not the text.

My final task was how to start the club from the top to some extent.

It's just a "push", but I don't know which direction to push.

After all, when I turned the back of my right hand up and raised it with my right elbow. Then, at last, I realized the head (the back of my left hand) had to look at the ball, and when I reached the moment, I could solve all the mysteries.

It was determined directly from the beginning.

However, the pendulum believers could not understand such a natural thing.

In early April, again

When I was prepared to point out the same thing and hit the HBS gate again, my teacher's dog, Love-chan, welcomed me as usual.

At that time, I wasn't planning to use the pendulum for putting, perhaps because I was using the elbow for putting, but I asked him to fix the fact that putting was also unknowingly becoming a pendulum.

After that, I felt that I could reach the point where I only practised.

I will omit it because it will be too long to list one by one, but swing without swinging the head, using the elbow of the putter, lowering the heel in the bunker, etc.

Nowadays, I feel like the image I've been taught soaked into my body and then started to seep out of my body again.

The other day, when I moved the putter from the grip, it rolled comfortably and made my cup in from the centre, and when I chipped with the same feeling,

I made the tip-in of the eight iron twice.

The bunker will always come out if you aim the impact with the heel low, so

Bunker saves have also been successful several times.

I have recovered the flight distance before fainting in agony, but I feel that if I remove more extra power, I may be able to overturn the blank for six years.

I want to fully enjoy the rest of my life

before Japanese golf goes extinct.

The last word is my true feelings.

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