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Find and remove Scotoma (psychological blind spot). Find and remove it repeatedly.

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The severe answer returned was, "You can't go back anymore."


The second shot of the last hole yesterday gave me the feeling of the best shot in the driving range.

It was a swing that was able to fully demonstrate the effect of the shaft pushing the head of the agony club.

The distance was not enough as I raised it higher, so I raised it first, but I could hit it as I imagined.

It's a pity that I can't convey the feeling of comfort at the moment of impact.

Far beyond the 5-meter pine tree in the foreground, I reached the green and approached the pin.

This birdie image is a memory image that comes to my mind every time.

The phrase "Aggression has already been going on for six years" under the title is in 2015.

In fact, at the score level, I haven't been able to get a satisfactory score.

The score of 70 cars has become a phantom.

However, as I don't have to worry about swinging, I can concentrate on approaching and putting, so I feel that I'm getting closer to my hobby goal by a few steps.

I started studying cognitive science, got certified as a coach,

I became a professional in how to use the mind.

Since then, I have been playing golf with the feeling of restarting golf both physically and mentally.

Since coaching is based on not revealing goals to others, it is a secret, but the first half of the 70s is the break. (If you write this much and finish it, you will understand my goal.)

I can't break the dream killer when I confess my goal, so there is a basic saying, "Don't tell the goal to others," but I don't have a dream killer.

Technically, while contemplating what HBS taught me, it accumulated in my brain,

Finding and removing Scotoma (psychological blind spot)

should be repeated.

The current trendy swing is the shoulder stroke.

In other words, it is a swing method that moves the pendulum, the basic concept of the swing. Since almost all professional golfers adopt it, it is a swing that most amateur golfers follow without reason.

On the other hand, although it is on the verge of extinction, there is a concept of "brushing".

I think I'm a do-it-yourselfer and sometimes paint with a brush.

If you are wondering, "What was the movement of the brush?"

Please remember while looking at the picture below.

A right-handed person uses a brush to apply brown paint to the wood.

I'm trying to move the brush from left to right. At this time, the right side of the bristles are brushes moved to the right while touching the tree.

You can see a fist of a tree on the top of your index finger a little ahead, but that is the turning point.

How will the use of the brush change when folding back?

  1. At the same angle as now, with the hair part first, come back to the left

  2. Come back while hitting the tip of the brush against the tree

  3. Turn the brush over and return to the left with the handle part first.

As those who have experienced painting will understand, most of the time, you should unknowingly do method 3.

The essential part of the agony striking method is significantly different from that of the pendulum striking method (shoulder stroke).

Since I was young, I have mastered shoulder strokes.

The image of the pendulum's movement is firmly engraved in my unconscious.

Even if you go to a professional tournament and carefully observe, "Let's steal a professional swing."

My unconscious has the belief that "swing = pendulum".

Therefore, only the image of a pendulum comes to my mind.

Even the conscious part of the brain's frontal lobe believes so and does not doubt it.

The brain is designed to see what it knows.

Even if you teach me a new concept, the brain, the mind, and the internal expression (although they are all the same), try to deny it.

The HBS mentor recommended a faint in agony club when I was 50 years old.

He said, "I haven't hit it recently."

At the age of fifty, my muscles were weaker than when I was younger, so I knew I couldn't hit the clubs with the previous specs.

Oh, dear. It wasn't difficult to spot it, but for the teacher, it was "natural" because the symptoms of the typical muscle weakness of a 50-year-old person appeared on the swing. ..

From my point of view, it was in great shape until a while ago. At that time, I was so confident that I felt frustrated and sad when I hit a score in my 80s.

So, at that time, I couldn't think of it because of muscle weakness.

This phenomenon is also due to Scotoma.

From a cognitive science point of view, the solution is to set a goal outside the current situation to remove Scotoma.

This time, I won't touch this part much.

At that time, I vaguely longed for age shoots.

Looking back now, I think that I was able to continue to this point while enduring fainting in agony because of this feeling.

Return to brush painting.

As you can see in the picture above, the basic concept of a golf swing is the operation of "brushing".

However, it was difficult to understand this theory because Scotoma disturbed it.

Move the brush to the right, with the right side facing the object.

The club also moves to the right, with the back of the face facing the ground (if right-handed).

The brush moves to the left on the way back, with the left side facing the object.

The club also moves to the left, with the face facing the ground (if right-handed).

* The expression about the club is an image. I don't paint in the club, so I don't move it left or right while it's on the ground.

It is all you need to do the basics of your approach.

I was also taught this behaviour directly so that I could do it immediately and my approach improved dramatically.

However, I still understood only the image of the hair part of the brush at this time.

I only understood some of the images.

The unconscious and the frontal lobe only understood this sensation.

After a while, the sense of approach became a little strange.

I went back to the origin of teaching and imagined brush painting.

Then I realised that I was only aware of the movement of the bristles of the brush.

Returning to the origin and thinking is because there is a goal.

There is no answer in the comfort zone because the goal is set outside the status quo.

Inevitably, go looking for information outside your comfort zone. It is a spontaneous brain activity.

No matter how much you groan, it doesn't make sense, but you will be able to get new information just by being conscious of looking outside the current situation.

The information you need is rolling around you. I also had accurate teaching from my teacher, but I didn't realise it.

It was good to understand the basics of the brush-painting swing, but I realised that I was only conscious of the head and hair part of the brush.

For me, it was a significant discovery. The critical part was the handle.

So, when I read the teacher's blog, the fact that "the head moves because I move the grip" jumps into my brain, doesn't it?

RAS has opened.

RAS (Reticular Activating System) A function that shuts down extra information to reduce brain activity.

Recently, I firmly believe that golf swings are deep.

After this, I will continue to introduce examples of removing and removing the Scotoma.


To those who read this blog

I explain how to use the mind based on my favourite golf.

I hope you read this blog

with the highest level of abstraction possible.

The degree of abstraction is called Levels of Abstraction in analytic philosophy, and Dr Tomabechi introduced the term "degree of abstraction" to Japan. These days, it's been used quite often.

Please read from a higher point of view.

You will find the right hints from the rooftop of the building, climbing the mountain as if you were looking at the scenery below and looking at the lower world while feeling refreshed.

The same is true for Kaizen's horizontal exhibition. Listening to people's kaizen cases and saying, "I have nothing to do with me!" Or "I see! Let's imitate this essence!" It is the decisive factor in reaching the summit.

It's about setting goals that are out of the current comfort zone.

Then, rather than doing it alone,

you can set it up early just by having a certified coach nearby.

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