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⛳️Endangered Golf Clubs: Royal Troon Portland Course

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The answer returned was, "Youcan't go back anymore."


August 2018, I stayed at Irvine's Harbor Light and enjoyed the nearby golf course to the fullest. We've already told you about the Routenburn Golf Club, Irvine Golf Club, Western Gales, and the Birthplace of The Open = Prestwick.

The day before I left for Scotland this year, I returned from Niigata by Shinkansen, but the typhoon was approaching, and I returned home in a storm. Even so, the weather was fine on the day of departure, and I could get things done.

Similarly, something often happens at the time of departure, and I was still in the company when I visited Irvine in 2013. I had been careful not to get stuck in my work for a few weeks, but on that day, I was called by the vice president, and while feeling the pressure, I managed to overcome it and left Japan.

This time, it's my favourite Royal Troon.

Unfortunately, I couldn't book the Old Course, but I could round the Portland Course.

The dining room in the photo below has a gorgeous atmosphere, and I would be happy to become a member of such a club. As I wrote on my blog, I wanted to add "becoming a member of Royal Troon" to my goals.

From now on, I will be self-coaching every day.

I want to repeat the affirmation of the image that "I am already a member of Royal Troon and enjoy Scotch whiskey sitting in this dining room" to raise the efficacy.

Royal Troon certainly remembers reading the news that the door was opened to women, at last, The Open, so I'm wondering what the regulations are for foreigners. However, since negative images are illegal for self-coaching, I would like to get information positively.


After seven years of agony golf, I understand the theory of HBS completed as an image of a video in my head, even though the golf clubs taught me.

Many believe the shaft usage is to move the head much faster than the grip, like a pendulum.

However, it is gradually becoming clear that this method does not make the most of the shaft and head weight.

The role of the shaft is as follows.

  • Tell the weight of the head and club to the striker

  • Use the weight of the head to move his grip

  • Move the club (grip) as an aid to human power

At the top of the swing position, you must care to ensure that the weight of the head or club does not rest on the grip and that grip does not interfere with the "next" movement.

If you put it in this top position, you will have to dive on the right side and move upward unless you practice a lot or put up with your physical strength.

In Japan, this has been called the Meiji cannon since ancient times.

The cannon in the Meiji era was bounced back by the impact of firing the ball, which means that the golf swing will behave the same way.

This movement can be tolerated by the flexibility of the body and bowing in the case of young people, but not by older people like me.

Some young professional golfers do not bend their bodies and move like jumping.

If you can get along with the shaft, the shaft will push the grip in the direction of travel. Throughout the club, after the top of the swing. From the shaft, you can feel the force that pushes the club further to the left, lower, and more in the direction of hitting the ball.

Being taught from the golf club benefits the faint in agony club, but after switching to the second generation faint in agony club, I finally felt the power to guide the ball from the shaft to the front of the ball's flight line.

The softer shafts and the heavier heads, the stronger the strength and speed, and the faster the impact point is set to the left, shortening the time to impact.

Golf clubs are also advertised in commercials as "bending the shaft and flying with the force to bend back", so many people are misunderstanding.

Due to the characteristics of the shaft, once it is bent, it will return to its original state and be restored. When you try to move from the grip, its characteristics work positively, but in the image of a pendulum, it becomes a movement that hinders the movement of the grip when trying to move the head alone by stopping the grip. I will.

In the image of a pendulum, the mood is "the head is moving fast and moving a lot", but in reality, the movement of the club itself slows down, which makes it impossible to keep up with the rotation of the body and causes a delay.

In takeaway, you should not bend the shaft as much as possible.


This year, I was also looking for a vacant golf course nearby Irvine.

Royal Troon once wanted to play, so I searched the internet and found a vacancy in the Portland course.

Until then, I didn't know there was a Portland course, but in the email exchange with J before departure, it was Royal Troon named Portland course. So at this time, I connected the information.

Royal Troon was guided by J in 2013 and bought souvenirs at the pro shop. I still wear the red rainwear I bought at this time.

In my few Links experience, shopping at a pro shop is the second pleasure of playing golf.

My Pro Shop Ranking 1st Royal Troon, 2nd Prestwick, 3rd Western Gales, 4th Nairn, 5th Kings Barns, 6th Castle Stuart, 7th. Dundonald, 8th Royal Dornoch, 9th Brora, 10th St Andrews (The Old Course Shop)

Of the above, the only shops that accept Net Shopping from Japan are the ones I'm currently using, Royal Troon, Prestwick, and Brora. I contacted Dundnald's pro shop, which opened last year, but didn't get a reply.

I love sweaters in every pro shop, and I love sweaters with the Irvine Golf Club, Royal Troon and Royal Dornoch logos. In the vicinity of Tokyo, where I live, I only need a few months, but in the winter of Tokyo, I can play golf comfortably.

Unfortunately, the Machrihanish sweater was eaten by insects in the chest of drawers and had a hole in it, so I had to throw it away.

It seems that J couldn't take a day off because there was no one to take the place of the shift on Saturday and Sunday. It was a pity that we couldn't play with them, but they seemed to pick me up as a friend after I returned the rental car.

A good friend with a kind heart.

I was confused about the Portland course because I couldn't identify the tee on the first hole. If there was a previous player, I knew that there were few players throughout the Portland course, and it was quiet,

There was a house nearby, so when I went around, I saw a figure inside the house, so I called out from the outside and asked. Then, the other side was the teeing ground.

It was around by myself, so I enjoyed it slowly and freely.

The start hole was three on one putt. It was a very nice start for me. The distance was so long that I felt like I had a birdie.

However, it isn't easy to maintain that mood. The Portland course is a fun course with changes as the scenery changes from hole to hole.

Suddenly, No. 3 collapsed with two lost balls.

The distance is displayed with red, yellow, and blue sticks in this course. Even if it was the first time round alone, it was easy to understand, and it was devised to make it easy to round.

The 4th is 190 yards, par 3. It was a bogey. The area around 3W wasn't wrong, but the approach didn't come close.

I got closer to the previous group here. The people in the previous group are turning around with four people.

It's raining in the summer so that you can feel a pleasant stimulus and it won't get in the way. Unfortunately, the summer heat in Japan is at its peak during this period, the humidity is high, and the climate is so annual that the word "steamy" is used.

I have never experienced "steamy" heat on my few trips to Scotland. Moreover, no air conditioner is required. But, on the other hand, I'm hot, so this climate is also an excellent gift for me in Scottish summer.

The rain started to get stronger from the middle of the 5th hole. Perhaps it was because of my mind that the previous players' play seemed to move slowly.

There seems to be a lot of waiting time, but let's be patient. Even if it goes up early, it will end around noon.

While talking to myself like this, I feel regretful and happy.

If someone was obsessed with the upper part of my back of the head and looked at it, I wondered what it would say, but if I care about that, it won't be fun golf.

The final 18th was perfect. Both the tee shot and the second shot were the best. If it's over, everything is fine!

The fun round ended at 13:00.

After that, I had a soup and ale at the dining room, had J pick me up, and returned to Harbor Light.

It would have been a boring golf story for everyone. Thank you for your company.

This summer ended with Turnberry after this.

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