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Be careful of the brainwashing that "the shaft bends and bends back".

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The severe answer returned was, "You can't go back anymore."


It's been 15 years since I changed my name to a golf club with a super heavy head, a super funyafunya shaft, and a faint in agony club made by HBS.

*Funya Funya means surprisingly soft.

If I'm meeting a stranger at a golf course for the first time and I'm going to join to play golf with him around, and you've noticed my fluffy golf club, we'll start talking about golf clubs right away.

Sometimes it's crowded, and I'm talking about Funya Funya from here to create a topic in the teeing area. Still, when the whole thing is flowing smoothly and comfortably, I don't talk about Funya Funya myself.

When it comes to Funya Funya, this is always the case.

"It sounds interesting. May I shake it a little?"

"Please do not hesitate."

If you are new to "Wow! What is this !!", the reaction is usually the same.

Next, he holds the club and shakes it from side to side to check the degree of funyafunya.


"This is like a tube used in practice," he says.

"In this case, it will fly with that power when it bends back."

I believe in the promotion of the maker of the Gulf club, "The shaft bends and bends back."

I'm addicted to the manufacturer's brainwashing.

Such a person already said, "Since the shaft believes in bending and bending back, no matter how much we deny it, it will not understand.

I don't want to break this relationship even though I've been together, so I refrain from refuting "yes".

Unless there is a mechanism on the club shaft and the specifications are such that when you press the switch, it will bend and return, but even if the golf shaft bends, it cannot bend back. Hmm.

That is because it stops the hand (grip).

Like a pendulum, the club head may overtake a stationary grip if you hold your hand.

Agony theory goes against this idea.

Since golf clubs are driven by oneself as a human being, the driving force for moving the club is oneself.

It is pretty natural.

As a result, the club moves because you rotate your body, bend your arms, and perform other movements.

And since the only part that you are in contact with the club is the grip, you should only be able to move it directly.

The idea is that the role of the shaft bends and returns is simply the result of one's movements, so the shaft does not bend and return.

However, it's not unreasonable because it is advertised in TV commercials as if it has a function that makes it look like a shaft and bends back.

A golf club moves its head in the amount, speed, and direction of movement by the amount of movement of the grip, sometimes less by some movement.

I have to say that this has fallen into the tactics of television commercials.

The head can't move unless the club has a mechanism and its intentional movement is included.

As long as it's a deliberate move, it's not a shaft job, a head job, or a club job.

The head moves parallel to the amount, speed, and direction you move the grip.

His head at the end of a long stick moves (exercises) more and faster than the grip, and it is easy to misunderstand that he will be faster, but that is not possible unless there is a deliberate movement. Hmm.

The movement of the head does not exceed the amount of speed of movement of the grip.

And one more important thing is that the movement amount of the head is more significant than the movement amount of the grip. It is because the movement speed of the head is faster than the movement speed of the grip. ・ The golf swing is due to the structure of the club. Since there is a loft, you must run the ball and hit it with a loft larger than the loft on the product, and as a result, your body will always hit upward.

If I, an elderly person, try to do this movement, I will end up with a Meiji cannon because my body is inflexible.

With the Meiji cannon, the clubhead opens and is pulled in the opposite direction of the flying ball line, so the reaction will cause it to turn upward.

It is inefficient to hit the desired distance because you face up, open your body, and hit with a large loft.

Even if you try to increase the distance and increase the speed of the exercise and head speed, you will face further upwards by the amount you increased and impact with an enormous loft so that the distance will increase as the difficulty of exercise increases. Impossible.

The person feels considerable fatigue (a feeling of accomplishment using force?), But the effect does not appear in the flight distance.

At last, I understood the characteristics of the faint in agony club, so if I swing according to theory, I will be able to make a stroke from the upper right to the lower left as if I were downhill.

Now that I can do this, I think I can pursue an age shoot from now on, apart from my 14-year agony life. 🙃

Unfortunately, the golf swings that are currently mainstream are the type of swings that turn upwards. However, young athletes are flexible, so they don't fall back like the Meiji cannons.

However, some players jump up at the time of impact.

I also thought I couldn't get rid of my faint in agony because the method of striking the faint in agony theory, which slows down and slows down movement, wouldn't fly.

Even if the speed slows down, it is easier to fly with a tight loft and a way to crush a ball that can impact from above.

Now I'm hungry, including unconsciously.

It's a physically correct theory so that you can take advantage of the club's features.

The chances of getting hurt are significantly reduced.

Whether he can reset the concepts he takes for granted is all about swing improvements.

Speaking of improvement, it is a breakthrough of assumptions and a denial of the current situation. In coaching, it's possible to move the comfort zone, but it took me 14 years because I couldn't move my comfort zone.

I was finally able to get out of it now.

The flight distance of the driver is gradually returning.

The sound of the ball making contact with the club head has changed to a tremendously explosive sound.

We still have time to achieve an age shoot. I will do more.

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