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⛳️A passion for Links Golf

Updated: May 29, 2022

August 2006

"Attempted aircraft bombing in the UK raises terrorism alert to the highest level."

In this turmoil, we arrived at Lynx with great thought.

Since it attempted terrorism was, it can be thought of as "fortunate in unhappiness" when looking back later.

However, there was little information at that time, and everyone was in a state of suspicion.

Even when taking overseas travel insurance in Narita

"Isn't this an investment, not an insurance?"

The suspicion was occupying my head.

first day

My brother-in-law's luggage that arrived in London by another flight is missing.

(His brother-in-law goes straight from California to London)

Patiently negotiate with BA (British Airways) to secure a hotel

Accommodation costs win BA possession

During terrorist turmoil, the culmination of tension, including each family.

Even if I explain my family over the phone, I cannot dispel it. my anxiety

Rent a car the next day and secure a good night's sleep at the hotel.

I told two members, "Let's play at Lynx in Scotland."

It was about three years ago that I approached him.

No one disagreed with the prompt decision.

From this time on

"Playing golf at St Andrew's is a common decisive goal for all four people => Goal.

Every time we met each other for the past three years, flowers bloomed on the topic of Scotland, and the sense of presence increased.

And when I made a concrete itinerary about half a year ago, the sense of reality was even higher.

Among the members, my brother-in-law has experience of being stationed in England,

At this time, I was supposed to go straight from California, USA.

I had the experience of visiting my brother-in-law's family in England,

This trip was my first time in Scotland, so I asked him to accompany me.

In other words, individual efficacy (self-evaluation of self-ability to achieve goals),

Instead of collective efficacy, he added the power of experienced people.

Everyone's sense of presence in the Goal had reached its peak. And collective efficacy was high enough.

However, the terrorist turmoil seems to have fallen and boiled.

In each heart, anxiety seems to pop out of the throat,

Efficacy has also plummeted.

After negotiating with BA, I booked a rental car, and when I entered the hotel that BA booked, each person gradually regained their composure.

It's been 15 hours since I left Japan.

At that dinner table, a reward that surpassed anything came in.

Winning the old course ballot (lottery).

Everyone was utterly nervous when they heard this news,

I can afford to think about golf the next day.

the next day

Luggage did not come out even in the morning

(One month after the mouldy caddy bag

Arrived in California)

Extra costs will be billed to B A at a later date and depart London

On the way, go north while procuring clothes for my brother-in-law

Arrived safely at the hotel I was aiming for in the evening (although the local summer is long)

The second day was a day of Invent on the way, where ideas were born flexibly.

I will be delivering this continuation at a later date.

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