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Japanese golf cart culture

Updated: May 29, 2022

The master who has to make my club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Oyabe, Yokosuka.

Agony had already been going on for six years.

one day I told my teacher, "I want to stop using this club."

The severe answer returned was, "You can't go back anymore."


In my last blog, I talked about Royal Dornoch, which was rounded on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

On this trip, we made another round at Royal Dornoch.

At this time, I was with a couple from Australia.

They both said they were staying near here like I was and enjoying a few months of vacation.

I enjoyed playing golf at nearby Brora and Golspie for two days after the round at Royal Dornoch on Sunday the 13th of this week.

At Brora, cows and sheep lie down and roam all over the place, making golf in an unbelievable landscape in Japan.

I wasn't tied to a rope, and it was the first time I was born to get close to a cow, so I was worried that it might suddenly attack me while playing golf.

Golspie has beautiful Lynx lying in front of the sea from the clubhouse.

Unfortunately, the layout is such that you climb a hill on the way.

It was full of variety, with the sight of heath flowers blooming in the woods.

Playing golf and sitting on a bench and looking at the heath on one side seems to be enough to have a good time.

If you are rounding alone, you will meet golfers rounding with two or three people.


"Where are you from?"

"From Japan"

"Enjoy Links"

"Have a good day."

This kind of contact is one of the pleasures of Lynx Golf.

The couple who accompanied me at Royal Dornoch enjoyed playing golf together without being disappointed by my faint in agony.

After the round, my wife asked me, "Why don't you have tea together?" And went up to the restaurant on the second floor of the clubhouse together.

"I'm on my company's summer vacation, so I'm travelling alone around Royal Dornoch."

"This is my fifth time in Scotland, two of which were with my friends."

"We also stay and enjoy this area. Which Lynx do you like?"

"I arrived in Aberdeen and started rounding Nairn, Wick, Brora and Golspie from Friday. So Royal Dornoch is my second time today."

"How was Wick? We are also considering it."

"It's a great Lynx. It doesn't face the ocean directly, but it's a varied and interesting course."

"And it's going to be a good memory to get in touch with the warm feelings of the locals."

"Then, we'll go and see it."

I looked at my husband and nodded.

"It has a reputation for having many beautiful golf courses in Japan."

"We have begun planning a trip to Japan. Which is better, summer or autumn?"

"It's wonderful. I welcome you."

"But it's better to stop summer. Over the last few years, the temperature has risen to around 35 degrees Celsius, so if you want to play golf, I recommend autumn or spring."

"Thank you. Let's do it in autumn."

"By the way, all golf courses in Japan have golf carts, right?"

"It feels strange just to imagine."

"That's right. It feels humorous when four golfers get along well on one golf cart and move around."

When I heard the words of my Australian wife, I immediately thought of "four golfers moving in a golf cart with each other" in my head.

The most popular method for golf carts is wireless guidance.

It is programmed to run on a fixed route at a fixed speed and rarely deviates from it unless it is an accident.

When I started playing golf, I made friends with an American who lived next to my house and often took me to a golf course in the US military Atsugi base.

I think it was called the 19th hole after the round, but I ate a big T Bone steak at a restaurant, and it was 5,000 yen.

At that time, the bubble economy was at its peak, so golf courses in Japan were expensive, and golf that I could play at such a price was attractive to me, who was young and had no money.

At Atsugi base Lynx, I used a two-seater gas cart.

Driving to the fairway at full speed on the gas cart, go to the ball, drop one person, hit the ball, and return to the cart, and the driver driving the gas cart will immediately release the accelerator. Step on the ball and go straight to the next ball.

I still remember that this is American style golf.

I think the golf cart was introduced by imitating the American style, but the Japanese style is a little different.

In Japan, few golf courses allow carts to enter the fairway, and the mainstream method is to drive on a designated cart-only road.

Starting and stopping the golf cart with the remote control moves sideways from the cart road to the ballpoint. A disciplined Japanese walks sideways almost exactly and then returns to the cart.

When I kept the remote control, I was angry when I moved the golf cart forward. There are quite a few golfers in Japan who come to golf but don't want to walk.

I try to walk as much as possible in Japan. You may not be able to walk on the mountain course, but walking is better for your health, and I think it is easier to imagine the next shot.

Recently, I often go to the Yachiyo course of Taiheiyo Club.

Since it is not a mountain course, there are a few ups and downs, and the basics are walking, and you can play through. There are few golf courses in this style, so I think it is of rare value.

Recently, golf carts have begun to be introduced on the Yachiyo course. In addition, there is a move to get into the fairway.

The pamphlet that arrived on the deadline is likely to be allowed to enter the fairway at Gotemba West.

As for my test, I still want to enjoy golf on foot.

In England and Ireland, I have never encountered "the sight of four golfers moving in a golf cart with each other". It's all walking.

Even when I sometimes play in Japan after a conversation at Royal Dornoch, I remember this conversation and smile in my heart when I pass another golf cart. 😁

The couple said they would then go to Canada and change to Australia.

If you came to Japan before Covid, you might already be riding a Japanese golf cart and laughing bitterly. 😆

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