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⛳️絶滅危惧種のゴルフクラブ Irvineの思い出2018







The harbour lights accommodation

I am in my friends' bar restaurant, I was telling them you were coming for a visit, they have rooms directly above the restaurant and charge £39 per night, and have %20 off any food you eat, the food is excellent, and they have good beer, whisky and red wine.

Thanks, J. I'm looking forward to revisiting your place. What's the name of your friend restaurant owner?

The harbour lights, very nice views from the front of the building, food is excellent, lovely wine.

The harbour lights are my friends' place, S and his business partner B will look after you. The rooms are very nice; I'll get some photos of them for you.

Wait till I show you the other rooms, then you can see if you like them.

Ok, get them to you very soon.

Thank you.

You're welcome, Hatsuo.

Go onto, enter harbour lights accommodation, look at the rooms, don't book it, let me know if you like the look of the room, I'll book it; my friend will give you a discount on the price of the room.

It's a very nice looking room and lovely views.

I like the Harbour lights.

I like the restaurant and bar.

Please book for me, John. Thank you for being so kind.





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