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Project success factor: Scotoma is off and collective efficacy culminates


It seems that manufacturing people and development/design people have few opportunities to communicate.

When developing a new product

The parties concerned need to communicate sufficiently.


It is essential to be informed daily.

A company has decided to develop a new product.

Developers are becoming more competitive, so keep costs down as much as possible.

I wanted to contribute to the profits of the company.

We have experience in cooperating with significant parts manufacturers in development.

This time, I wanted to reduce the processing cost of the in-house manufacturing process by adding a scalpel.

Therefore, I consulted with the General Manager of the Manufacturing Department. And I asked for their cooperation and asked for their consent.

First, a kick-off meeting is held by selecting the prominent members.

Manufacturing "If you design it so that it is easy to make in development, the man-hours will go down."

Development "Is it easy to make? I haven't really thought about it."

The developers have never been aware of "design that is easy to make."

By this time, the developers hadn't wholly stripped away from the old way of doing things,

I felt awakened by the words of the manufacturing staff.

The developer's Scotoma is off just then.

"I want you to consider weight reduction so that work that uses a crane is eliminated."

Specific requests were also made.

Due to the crane order conflict in the manufacturing process, there seems to be a waiting time.



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