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Your FUTURE can always be Kaizen.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Do you know how your Mirai is made?

There is a discipline called cognitive science that goes beyond psychology.

In cognitive science, Mirai can be in your mind (= brain).

Not only the future, but the present and the past are in your brain.

There is a vast universe in your brain.

Each person lives with a large universe in their brain.

Brain = mind = mind = brief system.

Humans have evolved and acquired such a large universe in their brains.

Tomabechi-style coaching can be explained by the coaching theory supported by cognitive science.

In coaching theory, you set what you want to do as a goal,

When your unconscious convinces it, and your unconscious and unconscious aim for the same goal,

Start walking in that direction.

Whether your unconscious sleeps or wakes up, thinking about going to the goal,

I naturally start looking for various information.

I used to look at my current situation in 2000 (Mirai from that time)

I started thinking about what I wanted to be.

Mirai that was in my brain at that time I visualized it. (Toyota-style Kaizen method)

The current situation in my brain at that time was

"It was a pension life that my seniors were doing without exception."

At that time, I remember being horrified.

Then, I said, "Energize the manufacturing industry with Kaizen = revitalize it."

Finally, I made a goal ("what it should be").

Since then, my behaviour has changed steadily.

Cognitively speaking,

  1. The scotoma (blind spot) of "pension life" has been removed.

  2. RAS opened, and the information necessary to cultivate Kaizen power flowed into the brain.

  3. Suddenly, I noticed that the comfort zone that "it has nothing to do with me" has moved to the goal side even if I just heard that it is a pension.

Around this time, I was kaizen of my Future.

I have the know-how to make the future like this. The skills cultivated through the experience of Toyota-style improvement have been theoretically armed with Tomabechi-style coaching.

It's the same or longer life than before.

You are the one who makes Mirai your favourite, convincing and fulfilling Mirai.

Don't you think, "I can't eat because I want to do it?"

I am practising. Please refer to the blog below. It is drawn in a little more detail.

Future memory

The unconscious begins to move.

Find the world you want to do with me.

I can help you, KaizenyourFuture.

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