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You make a habit of saying, "I can't have such a problem!"

Updated: May 29, 2022

Last year, on my blog on September 11th, I shared the thoughts of everyone inside the organization.

Vector alignment

At that time, the director's thoughts ignited the problem awareness that all the members had daily.

Some may have been unconscious, but they ignited it unknowingly.

What do readers of this blog think of this organization after that?

"Maybe it caught fire once, but didn't it cool down soon?"

I wonder how many people are making a wrong guess.

I think everyone is accustomed to the fact that the feelings of getting hot cool down in a blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, this time it's different.

However, it is not a smooth sail.

But surely, this organization is moving forward.

Initially, there were standards and checklists in this workplace.

However, it has been a long-standing practice that checking quality on checklists has become an essential part of my work.

A problem has occurred → How was the check? → Check the checklist

→ Check items were missing → Check items added

This routine was a habit.

Please read this article as well.

The number of checks and inspections increases because I am not confident in doing it. It is a safe fare.

When there was a vector, everyone thought, "It's not good as it is now! I have to change it somehow!" I could share that part brilliantly, but another critical hurdle awaited me.

The slogan "improving quality by working with standard work" has spread to some extent.

Therefore, we made a firm schedule and worked together to review the standard document. In the process of that review, I thought I knew the problems with the classic books so far. You make a habit of saying, "I can't have such a problem!"

The definitive book has been almost prepared. But, first, the team members discussed "the relationship between standards and checklists."

"What is a standard book?"

"I haven't seen the standard book."

"I cannot do without a checklist."

So, the old habits came out of the mouths of many people.

At the time of vector matching, everyone's goal is "a world without quality defects."

While making a definitive book, I was planning to change my habits toward this goal and go to the habit of saying, "The world without quality defects is our original place!", But the old habits are still there. So it wasn't entirely out.

If you try to express this with the idea of ​​coaching,

Set a goal for "a world without quality defects".

In preparing the standard, by visualizing yourself doing the right way of working, you can create a comfort zone for everyone.

"The world of bad habits with many quality defects" → "The original world without quality defects"

I tried to move to, but it turned out that this was still inadequate.

It is customary for this organization to use this activity to hold meetings using the activity version of the workplace.

The solution is to make good use of this time and make affirmations.

Continue the meeting patiently until the habits such as "What is the standard book?", "I haven't seen the standard book", and "I can't lose the checklist!" am.

Create a "world without quality defects" in everyone's minds with the image of the world in which they originally live, and if any defects occur,

"I can't have such a problem! What is the cause of the problem?"

By the time the habit changes, the quality will be stable.

Soon they will reach the goal.

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