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Why-why analysis power to reach the root cause

Updated: May 29, 2022

With the support of an advisor

She decided to do a "why-why analysis" about the causes of the mistakes she pointed out in the past week.

Because the other party is an employee of a design subsidiary in the Philippines

She is willing to cooperate with Kaizen activities.

When I looked up the mistake data, there were 120 cases.

When this is stratified, there are items for which the drawing rules are not followed.

It has become clear that there are 89 cases in most of the total.

She asked a Filipino representative, "Why can't you follow the construction rules?"

She said, "I didn't know there was a construction rule."

Initially, "We did not convey our drawing rules to our subsidiaries."

I arrived at the unfortunate root cause.

I have a chance to reach the goal.

Although she tried to analyze it in the upper stage, she thought she would lose her power after the result was not disappointing.

When we interviewed the remaining 31 cases,

It was due to not knowing the basic knowledge about the product.

She honestly thought, "If you don't understand, just ask."

From the advisor, "Why whys analysis should not blame or blame others."

She swallowed it in herself.

If you come to this point, the countermeasures are easy, and the root cause is "I don't know" ⇨ Countermeasures "Teach."

It's all about solving it.

Disclose a guidebook about the product

After drawing, the person in charge will use her pre-checklist.

Check before delivery

As the advisor says

Instead of "improving the efficiency of inspections", "abolition of inspections" has been realized.

No mistakes freed her from the non-value-added work of checking drawings,

She is now able to take on more value-added jobs.


The cause is lurking in the case of a specific mistake

Why and why by method, find out the root cause and remove it

Inspections that do not add value are not streamlined but are being abolished.

By envisioning the urgent goal of "I want to do a better job."

The unconscious worked (wisdom came out), and I achieved the goal.

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