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When does the avalanche of consciousness occur?

Updated: May 29, 2022

「Studying the "Study of Consciousness" (Stanislas Duanne) can further deepen your understanding of coaching theory.

I am studying to add a unique flavour to "unconscious rewriting".

This series of blog posts are my study notes. This time, the theme that follows the unconscious and conscious

I will write a "sign of consciousness".


MRI is a tool that identifies where activation occurs in the brain, but it cannot measure when it occurs.

Use EEG and MEG to measure avalanche-like changes in consciousness over time.

fMRI: functional magnetic resonance imaging

EEG: ElectroEncephaloGraphy

MEG: Magneto-Encephalo-Graphy

The research team of Stanislas Duanne and colleagues tracked how the two images, consciously perceived and completely non-perceived, follow in the cortex.

He experimented with a phenomenon called "blinking attention", which temporarily fails to perceive the visual stimulus presented in front of me when I am distracted for a moment.

The research team gave the subject the task of detecting the target word.

Moreover, when the character string preceding the target word is seen, instruct it to report it.

I urged them to distract their attention for a moment.

The subject must focus the attention to remember this preceding string, and in many trials,

The subject, therefore, missed the target word.

At the end of each trial, we asked the subjects to report what they saw using the cursor to make sure they knew what they had missed.

Subjects began to report "I could see the word completely" in half the trials and "I couldn't see anything" in the other half of the trials.

At the same time as this experiment, they traced the brain wave, and the activity suddenly became active from the unconscious state to the perceived state of being visible.

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