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When an image gets into your eyes, there are images that you notice and images that you forget.

Updated: May 29, 2022

"Consciousness and Brain: How Thoughts are Coded" (Stanislas Duanne, by Hiroshi Takahashi) is organized as a textbook.


When recognizing something, one feels that the colour, shape, and morphology are immediately apparent.

But in the brain, billions of visual neurons are intricately active.

It takes almost 0.5 seconds to recognize during this time.

0.5 seconds is not the world of stopwatches.

To what extent of the events during this 0.5 second, unconsciously and automatically,

Where does it lead to the conscious feeling of "looking at something"?

I haven't been conscious of how I'm doing it, but I don't think I'm doing everything consciously when I think about the past.

I feel like I suddenly notice. (It's a strange expression, but when you notice it, do you notice it ??)

The Duanne research group seems to have powerful experimental tools to manipulate this mechanism of conscious perception.

He says that you can make something visible or invisible by slightly changing the parameter values ​​of the experiment.

(This area is explained in detail later in this book)

"Priming" seems to be the keyword.

It is possible to instantly display a word on the screen so quickly that the subject does not notice it.

In the process of recognizing one thing, it is now possible to artificially create a visual scene in which one display item is hidden by another display item and disappears.

As any magician knows, if the audience's mind is distracted, the audience may overlook apparent movements.

"When you project a different image on each of your eyes, your brain will spontaneously sway between the two images."

When an image gets into your eyes, there are images that you notice and images that you forget.

When the image is in your eyes, there is only a slight difference between the two types of images.

But inside the brain, this slight difference is amplified.

As a result, the subject says that he sees only one of the images.

When a person notices an image, it is amplified.

Where and when it happens

Elucidation is one of the goals of the new consciousness science.

Since an experimental method was discovered that artificially creates the marginal situation of conscious perception and unconscious perception, we will clarify this soon.

As you read through this book, you'll find many tips to solve this problem.

It's fascinating.

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