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What Lean Product Development Overlooked

There is a method called lean product development. Focusing on Toyota's continued profitability, we benchmarked the TPS Toyota Production System to create a lean manufacturing system. After that, I stayed at Toyota for half a year and benchmarked product development.

As a result, a lean development method was created. And it seems that it spread to the ICT industry, and they created a method called agile.

I think "the lean development method is not lean".


The word LEAN means "thin" and "no fat".

The following are listed as the four points of lean development.

① Set-based development

② Chief engineer system

③ Establishment of flow and rhythm

④ Responsible expert team

I haven't heard of it before. ① I have struggled to understand the meaning of set-based development for many years.

"Set-based development" is described as "a development method in which many alternatives are examined in parallel at the concept design stage, gradually narrowed down, and finally integrated into one plan."

This method seems like a detour, but the explanation is that it is efficient in the end, but I could hardly understand it.

And recently, I asked a person who was a CE (chief engineer) in Toyota's product development.

It was a moment when I found the reason for many years of doubt. It was a memorable moment for me.

The conclusion is that it was nothing but a detour.

Toyota didn't do that.

The concept must be firmly solidified by front-loading.

Since it is not entirely solidified, it will be necessary to make multiple alternatives.

Therefore, it takes more person-hours than the number of alternatives.

And the phrase "delay decision making" is added.

The technician in charge may feel stressed because the part he is in charge of is halfway as the decision is delayed.

The critical job of CE (Chief Engineer) is decision making.

When asked by the project members, "Is this okay?"

Can you believe the leader, "I don't know now because I'm waiting for the evaluation result of the alternative"?


If you are involved in design and development, wouldn't it be taken for granted?

Unfortunately, it feels like this isn't the norm where I'm walking.

In my forum, I have accumulated a lot of articles about Toyota's chief investigator system benchmarked by GAFA. So I think people who understand it will understand it.

My goal is to revitalize the Japanese manufacturing industry.

If you can speak to me, I will visit you.

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