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⛳️ "Transfer information from consciousness to subconsciousness." is problematic.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Endangered golf club, also known as fainting club ⑨

The master who has me make a club and see the swing runs a Hummingbird Sporte (HBS) shop in Otani, Yokosuka.

The previous article is here.

Agony has already been going on for six years.

I never told my teacher, "I want to stop. I want to get it back."

The answer returned is, "You can't go back anymore."

May 30, 2015, Set a goal

My Goal: "Fly and hit a shot that doesn't bend !!"


2In 015, St Andrews was the venue for The Open, so I added watching The Open (see blog post) to my Scottish itinerary.

The 5th lesson I have been taking every week since May 30th. The day of departure to Scotland is getting closer and closer.

At the HBS permanent turn at-bat, when I hit about 100 balls,

He pointed out that it was still shaking down. To fall is too early to unravel the cock,

The clubhead will fall immediately after turning.

The image of moving the club is the position of the takeaway

(= The grip is facing down, and the head is at the top. So the club is in the lightest position)

Leave the head in place and move the grip towards the ball from this position. The head will come later. ・ ・ I couldn't do this easily. In this video, it will be bald, but it will rotate from around the waist with the head dropped according to the old custom.

In the end, the teacher rarely and kindly said, "It's improved a lot." 😂

When I concentrated on the clubhead to not go down from the takeaway position, I finally got a good hit.

Anyway, the point to start from this takeaway position is essential.

The club does not use the pendulum with the grip. As the fulcrum but uses it as the tip of an arrow and lowers it toward the ball. The clubhead remains high against it.

There is one more important thing.

Due to the club's structure, the clubface is an image that holds down the ball. The image of saving the ball from below is the image of the pendulum itself.

It's like hitting the clubface on the northern hemisphere of the ball.

Stretch your right arm and hold the ball down.

Even when you bring the club to the top, it is an image that you move only your body and upper arms with your face facing down without turning your wrists back.

As the body turns backwards, the clubface will look in front of the body from the direction of the fly ball line.

I finally felt that everything was connected in my head. After that, the key is to reproduce this in the field.

As I mentioned before,

changing the image in the brain was the success factor of this swing.

Recently (2021), I have been digging deeper into

consciousness and unconsciousness.

It is essential to dropping what

you can understand with your consciousness unconsciously.

An accurate affirmation regarding a golf swing like this time is

I have personally concluded that visualization may be effective.

At this point, I was finally aware of the information that rewrites the unconscious.

The purpose of this blog post is not a golf swing lesson.

It is a success if you understand that it is essential to change the image in your brain.

The agony bullets are still going on. Looking forward to it!

If you like golf, keep an eye out for future articles.

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