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Time does not flow from downstream.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Before I learned cognitive science coaching, I had no wonder that "past, ⇨ present ⇨ , future and time are flowing".

Only the "present" I am now is accurate, the "future" has not yet been realized, and the "past" has already passed, so I thought neither was real.

However, (I thought this was common sense, but this common-sense view seems to be physically unfounded.

The theory of relativity means that "the same time" cannot be decided as one.

Therefore, the "present" is not the only real thing.

The distinction between past, present, and future is physically meaningless.

Just as there are various places other than "here", various times other than "now" actually exist.

According to the general theory of relativity, space is not a static "container" but a moving container, something that you can't imagine shrinking or bending.

On the other hand, quantum mechanics has revealed that every field is "made of quantum". In other words, you, myself, and space are made up of fine particle-like quanta.

Loop quantum gravity, which is at the forefront of quantum mechanics, says that space is not continuous, smooth, or infinitely divisible but is made up of grains called "atoms of space."

This "atom in space" is tiny, about one-thousandth of the smallest nucleus [Kyo = 1000 trillion x 10].

I thought that space was nothing, but it is said that it is made up of "atoms of space" that are so small that they cannot be seen.

The loop quantum theory is called "loop" because "atoms in space" are not isolated one by one but are connected to other friends in a ring shape, and the mesh of relationships that weaves space is created. It is named after what it thinks it constitutes.

I think I understand the explanation so far, but even if I understand that the space is ringing,

"Is the ring floating in space?"

"That's not the case because the ring itself is a space."

"Does the space float in the space?"

If we continue to explain the quantum of space, it becomes a mysterious story, "It doesn't exist anywhere."

The space is created by the interaction of the quanta of gravity.

It is why the world is made up of relationships rather than objects.

The idea was based on the quantum world.

Loop quantum gravity develops into even more extreme conclusions.

  • It does not mean that matter exists in space, but that matter and space exist independently.

  • Just as there are various places other than "here", various times other than "now" actually exist.

If there is no time division of past, present, and future, and all are equally real, it seems natural to think that time does not flow but expands like space.

Even the concept of absolute time has disappeared.

Modern physics has come to be expressed by mathematical formulas.

The equations that describe spaces and particles of matter no longer contain the variable "time."

The disappearance of time does not mean that everything will not change forever. On the contrary, the changes are unevenly distributed.

If you arrange the uneven distribution as a series of consecutive moments, it will return to the same concept as time, but it cannot be arranged (in chronological order).

I have concluded that there is no concept of time, and I feel a little lonely.


We can explain the universe by studying such brain functions, so the universe itself produces the universe.

The space of the brain is the living space and the outer space.

The life universe itself is called the brain.

If our brain produces the universe, we can say that the concept of time is also a concept in our brain.

The brain, information, and mind are the same.

We commonly think that "time flows from the past to the future."

However, thinking that "time flows from the future to the past" can make a big difference in your life.

Even in rivers, water does not flow from the downstream.

It is also the conclusion of the theory of time in modern analytic philosophy, and in Eastern philosophy, it is also an ancient claim in Buddhist philosophy called Abhidharma.

This claim is causal, but it is difficult for us to understand that the causal effect of things is in the future.

It's a little off the beaten track, but it seems that the atomism is written in Abhidharma from the middle period onwards.

"Matter is said to be made up of many atoms (Parama anu, microscopic). Atoms are of a size that cannot be further divided in the limit of dividing matter.

("Anu" means "fine particles". "Parama" means "best" and "extreme").

Many people are obsessed with past mistakes and the words of others (parents and teachers) and cannot underestimate themselves and raise their efficacy *.

* Efficacy: (Self-evaluation of self-ability to achieve the goal)

However, you can keep your self-image high by setting goals for the future and conditioned what you should be for that future.

Imprinting the goals of life in the brain is very effective.

You will embed the memory of the future. For example, "I have already achieved my life goal" in yourself now.

If you can provide a concrete reality for your future memories, you will automatically act to make those memories a reality.

The power of homeostasis will help.

What is KaizenYourFuture?

  • Realistically draw the memories of the future flowing toward you now

  • If the future image is pessimistic, kaizen to the future of Want to you want.

If you don't have a clear image of the future, let's make one with me.

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